Maglam Lord for PS4 & Nintendo Switch Gets First Gameplay Screenshots and Details on Famitsu

Today's issue of Weekly Famitsu included the first gameplay screenshots and details of D3 Publisher's newly-revealed JRPG Maglam Lord.

Maglam Lord

Today’s issue of Weekly Famitsu included the first gameplay screenshots and details of D3 Publisher’s newly-revealed JRPG Maglam Lord.

We get to take a look at a variety of characters starting with the protagonist, demon lord Kurizak, who can be either male or female. When they wake up from their long slumber they find out that the government has classified them as endangered species.

This is required to prevent extinction including public conservation activities and environmental improvement.

On top of the protagonist, other rare species like fairies and sacred beasts are recognized as endangered species.

We also meet Satius, who is the protagonist’s attendant, Balgakkin is a loyal retainer who used to be a general in the demon lord’army.

Mami is the inspector general sent by the government, presiding endangered species, which means the protagonist since they’re now classified as such. She has mysterious abilities that let her completely void the demon lord’s attacks, but she can.

Daris and Sharm are the male and female heroes that will team up with the demon lord.

One of the most relevant areas of gameplay is the forging of magical weapons that can come in the form of swords, spears, and axes. Their quality ranges among A, S, SS, and LGD (which I guess stands for “Legendary.” The looks and secondary abilities of the weapons can also be custimized.

While the demon lord’s first objective is to absorb the energy of demons to regain their power, this isn’t the only challenge. As endangered species, they have to perform a “concat.” What this is will be explained down the line.

During the story, there are dialogue options, and each answer will be liked by a different character, possibly changing the outcome.

During the adventure you can take on a variety of quests ranging from simple requests by townspeople to challenging ones imposed by the government. These let you defeat monsters, gather materials, and improve your intimacy with certain characters.

Interestingly, when you craft a weapon the demon lord actually infuses their spirit in it, and can be wielded by a hero in battle. This means that during combat gameplay we actually play the hero.

You can change between different weapons and perform abilities at the press of a button.

The gameplay loop involves creating new weapons and using them to complete quests. You’ll find many demons and treasure chests in dungeons. When you touch one, you shift to the battle screen and combat begins.

Heroes are similar to the demon king as they awaken at the same time to slay them. While they should usually be enemies, this isn’t the case this time around. There seems to be many mysteries hidden behind their relationship.

You can check out all the screenshots from the magazine below.

The game is 75% complete and will be released in Japan this winter for PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

Maglam Lord is developed by Summon Night 5 studio Felistella, while the scenario and the world view are by Summon Night series writer Kei Miyakozuki.

The character design and illustration are by lack, who is known for having worked on Fate/Grand Order (for instance, the art for Izou Okada).

The soundtrack is by Puresound, which worked on the Summon Night and Metal Max series.

The main theme is by Chiaki Fujita of Sike Like Talking, who previously worked on the theme of Summon Night 2.

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