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Diablo 4’s Open Beta Saw Over 29 Billion Innocent Monsters Meet Their Grisly Demise

That's an awful lot of fresh meat.

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In preparation for the upcoming release of Diablo IV, last weekend saw the conclusion of its Open Beta, allowing players to dive into the Fractured Peaks zone, level their characters up to 25, and wait in prohibitively long queues for their amusement.

A recent statement (alongisde a coinciding infographic from the Diablo Twitter account) has revealed just how much time demon slayers sunk into the beta, and the numbers are certainly encouraging.

Some of the choice figures include:

  • Over 61.5 million hours played (equivalent of over 7,000 years) across both weekends, making it the most hours played in a Diablo Beta ever.
  • Over 29 billion monsters were slaughtered, and in return, 46 million players were sent to the grave.
  • World Boss Ashava was bested 100,000 times, but dealt out over 10 million player deaths. This far outpaced the mark set by the iconic Butcher, whose loss-to-win ratio was 570,000 defeats and 1.7 million kills.
  • The Sorcerer class proved the most compelling, ending up as the most played character option, while Necromancer claimed second.
  • Diablo IV was ranked #1 on Twitch during the Beta weekend.

“The back-to-back Early Access Beta and Open Beta weekends for Diablo IV were incredibly inspiring to the team as we head toward our release on June 6,” Rod Fergusson, General Manager of Diablo, announced in a statement. “We want to thank the millions of players for helping us to test the game, providing meaningful feedback, exciting the development team, and for slaying billions and billions of demons. We will not, however, apologize to all of the players The Butcher slayed. You are indeed fresh meat, after all. We’ll see you all in Sanctuary again very soon!”

Your pals here at Twinfinite had a hell of a time sinking our teeth into all the Beta had to offer, so if you’re keen on finding out more about Diablo IV — including whether a season pass will be available — make sure to browse the links below.

Diablo IV launches on June 6th for Windows, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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