New Destiny 2 Development Roadmap Details Experimental Crucible Labs PvP Mode

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Bungie has released another roadmap detailing new updates for this summer. The next update will be on May 29 and it entails modifications to faction rallies, sandbox changes for exotic armor, and Crucible Labs.

Since Crucible Labs were never mentioned in previous roadmaps, design lead Derek Carroll discussed what this new feature is. He explained that “Crucible Labs will give every player of Destiny 2 access to experimental PvP content.” The feedback they gather from the community will guide their development of new Crucible modes. Before Crucible Labs is launched, Bungie will give more details on exactly what it is and how players can access it. This feature was created to involve the Destiny community in the creative process.

The final update for the summer will drop sometime in July. In addition to that, bounties and Year 1 Triumphs will return to Destiny 2. There will be more exotic armor sandbox changes, prestige mode for both Raid Lairs, PC clan text chat, and a new seasonal event called Solstice of Heroes. Like previous seasonal events, Solstice of Heroes will have new objectives for players to accomplish and new rewards.

Season 1 for Year 2 will start in September and the roadmap has not changed much from before with weapons randomization and slot changes, gear collections, and new gameplay modes. It is likely that the new game modes will include the final product from Crucible Labs. However, Game Director Christopher Barret clarified that “There are a lot of eagerly awaited updates that are scheduled to arrive in September, and we’ll tell you more about those in the coming months, including our plans for year two of Destiny 2.”

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