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New Marvel Snap Season Symbiote Invasion Goes Live, Adds Miles Morales & Variants for Spider-Woman & Carnage

Miles Morales swings into action.

marvel snap miles morales

It’s a brand new month, which means it’s time for a new season in Marvel Snap. Previously, we had Sword and Shield, which added Nick Fury into the mix. Fury ended up being a little underwhelming, and this month’s new card doesn’t look like it’ll be meta-defining either. That said, the new card in question is Miles Morales himself, which is exciting.

You can check out the new developer update video down below:

Miles Morales is a 4-cost, 5-power card with the following ability: If a card moved last turn, this costs 1. This makes him a really good value card to use against move decks, or in your own move decks where you’re constantly shuffling cards around. Being about to drop a 5-power card for just one energy can result in a huge power swing if you play it right.

This season’s ranked rewards also includes a new card back you can get at Infinite, as well as a variant at 70. The Season Pass also comes with plenty of goodies including Credits, Gold, new avatars, variants for Spider-Woman and Carnage, and a cardback.

Marvel Snap is set to launch globally on Oct. 18 for PC and mobile devices.

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