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What’s Changed in League of Legends Season 6, as Told by a Musical

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What’s Changed in League of Legends Season 6, as Told by a Musical

Starring none other than Pantheon.

The League of Legends preseason is an uncomfortable time of change, like puberty except all of your favorite items go away and join Heart of Gold in a better place. To help you get up to speed on some of the Season 6 changes, YouTuber Crazy Boris has written, choreographed and performed an entire musical on the subject.

The Tony Award-worthy number runs through notable features added to the game, such as the Rift Herald and a Juggernaut class. There’s also updated masteries and a bunch of Marksmen adjustments to get a hang of. Though change is hard, Crazy Boris reminds us to rest assured, because top lane will always remain as action-packed as a glass of room temperature water. And Skarner’s still not viable.


Season 6 of League of Legends began today, bringing with it changes to the ranked system, randomized loot chests, and a completely overhauled queue system. For a full brief on the changes, check out Riot’s Season 6 Update.

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