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League of Legends Surgeon Shen Is Wearing Crocs and It’s Driving People Mad


League of Legends Surgeon Shen Is Wearing Crocs and It’s Driving People Mad

Ninja wear Crocs too.

League of Legends’ Shen is one of the game’s oldest ninjas, bringing harmony and wisdom to the rift since first introduced back in 2010. And now, he wears Crocs.

Shen recently received a rework to spruce up his understandably outdated kit with a more dynamic, ninja-y setup. Each of his alternate skins is getting revamped as well, including Surgeon Shen, which you can see on the far right in the image below. The aerated plastic surrounding his feet is unmistakable. Those are Crocs.

league of legends surgeon shen crocs

If Surgeon Shen is to wear America’s most despised brand of footwear, we must first consider the consequences.

Other champions won’t take him seriously. Specifically, champions that killed his father.

Also, people might explode.

But still, there are some who welcome our new Croc-wielding Ionion.

Bravely speaking out midst the panicked hoards, Madoka KanameSan took to the Shen update thread to drop some real-world knowledge from their experience in the Operating Room:

A lot of surgeons wear Crocs because they’re on their feet all day and they’re (supposed to be) comfortable (also water-proof/easy to wash, for blood/urine/other bodily fluids. Surgery can be messy). They might wear booties over top, but they’re also not sticking their feet in your body, so it’s not a big deal.”

Sure… we can see the logic in that.


What do you think of Surgeon Shen’s new getup? Let us know, and for more, check out some of today’s top stories below.

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