Grand Theft Auto Online Adds Halloween Cars, Masks, and Modes

In Los Santos, they give out bullets for Trick or Treat.

The Lowriders¬†update to Grand Theft Auto V secretly included another update, and it’s out now. Rockstar has activated the Halloween Surprise content for Grand Theft Auto Online, which adds a lot of new Halloween content in the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC versions of the game.

The update includes the new Adversary Mode, Slasher. The horror-movie inspired mode pits eight players against each other. The Slasher must hunt down the other players with a shotgun, and the remaining seven must survive for three minutes when a new Slasher will be chosen. This mode will be permanently added to the game.

The stores in GTA Online have added several new masks and face paint options. These items will only be available for purchase until Nov. 16, but are permanently unlocked upon purchase.

Finally, the update added the Lurcher Hearse and Franken Strange vehicles to the world. There are also 20 new Halloween bobbleheads that can be added to any lowrider in the game. Like the masks and face paint, the cars will only be available to buy until Nov. 16.

What’s the best Halloween mask you’ve seen in Grand Theft Auto V so far? Let us know in the comments below!

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