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5 Best Monster Hunter World Mods of January 2020

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5 Best Monster Hunter World Mods of January 2020

Visible Monster Weaknesses

monster hunter world mods of January 2020, iceborne

This Monster Hunter World PC mod comes from Celuloid on Nexus Mods and makes it so that you can see three-star weaknesses of a large monster directly on its icon in and out of the field, which is honestly super-helpful for those new to the franchise.

It can be very difficult to remember every single weakness and what the monsters are resistant to so this mod can really save you time and headaches.

Buy Any Item in the Shop

This Monster Hunter World Iceborne mod is pretty self-explanatory but yeah, you can pretty much buy any item from the shop in the Iceborne expansion and that’s absolutely incredible.

Need a rare part of a monster? You can just buy it instead of hunting it down 12 times. Need a trap? You can just buy a couple instead of having to craft materials together.

It might ruin the fun/chore of grinding for certain items but hey, if this seems like something you might be into, you can download it here over at Nexus Mods.

Maid Dress Outfit

monster hunter world iceborne mods, best of January 2020

Thanks to this mod from MangieW, you can turn the Commission Layered armor into a gorgeous and super Kawaii maid dress so that you can hunt down some monsters in style!

You can download this Maid dress outfit (which is Iceborne-friendly) right here at Nexus Mods.

Crunchy and Soft Blood Effects

best mods

Okay, I know that that sounds a bit weird but hear me out. Besides the different-numbered coloring, there’s not another way for you to know if you’re hitting the weak spot of a monster but this can help you out and add some cool visual effects.

This mod makes it so that if you’re attacking the weak spot of a monster, the blood effect will be flowing and “juicy” while the non-weak spots will show “hard and crunchy” blood effects –you’ll know it when you actually see it.

You can download this one right here.

Make the Great Sword Even Cooler

greatsword, best mods of january 2020

As a Great Sword user myself in Monster Hunter World, this amazing mod really speaks to me and if you also love using this massive weapon, I would totally recommend checking this one out.

This mod is strictly for visual purposes only as it enhances the attack animations and special effects of the Great Sword. Essentially, it makes you look even cooler when you bust that thing out in the field.

For even more amazing Monster Hunter World PC mods, you can check out some of the other ones from December, November, and October.

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