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Uncharted 4 1080p Screenshots Prove it’s a Cinematic Masterpiece (Spoiler Free)

Uncharted 4


Uncharted 4 1080p Screenshots Prove it’s a Cinematic Masterpiece (Spoiler Free)

[showhide] Uncharted 4 is a cinematic experience as much as it is a gameplay one. Naughty Dog made sure to make every scene absolutely captivating. The graphics, cinematography, and art direction all combine for the most beautiful game around these days. They know it, too, what with a Photo Mode being built right into Uncharted 4, allowing for quick snapshots of their gorgeous landscapes and characters.

The attention to detail is really commendable with this one. Every screenshot, no matter when pressed, captured a beautiful moment. It’s like they really took their time to breathe some life into all of the different areas you were going to go to. Each one is entirely different and you’ll feel like you’re actually partaking on some grand adventure leading you to the ends of the earth. This may be the closest you’ll get to seeing Madagascar and Scotland like this, and the pictures you take in-game will look like real-life postcards. Seriously, try printing out a screenshot, writing “Wish you were here” on it, and tricking your family members into thinking you’ve gone all Jack Kerouac on them.

Without any spoilers, let’s take a look at 25 random screenshots that showcase just how much of a cinematic masterpiece Uncharted 4 is.[/showhide]

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