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The Best Minecraft Mansion Seeds (1.11 Update)

Best Minecraft Mansion Seeds

The Best Minecraft Mansion Seeds (1.11 Update)

Updated on May 8th, 2019

Minecraft allows players to build whatever they want, wherever they want. I truly mean wherever, too! With the power of special seeds, players can switch up the worlds they build and adventure and craft upon tremendously from the last one. Here are some of the best Minecraft Mansion Seeds you can get.

Yes, this is really specific, but hopefully it helps anyone looking to live life large.

Best Minecraft Mansion Seeds

Extreme Waterfront – Seed #-8918806821556526521

Nothing is more waterfront than a mansion with a river running under it. You may need some buckets for this one.

Update: We’ve received reports that there is a lava lake under this mansion that can cause it to spontaneously combust. We find this unfortunate, but also hilarious. We love a good risk.

End Portal and Mooshroom Island #4388092437280786657

If you’re up for a little running (or, let’s be honest, flying) then this seed is going to be fun. Right near the mansion is a village, and leading up to the building is a nice ravine. A few mushrooms also surround the area, but if you want more, head over to the Mooshroom Island (and sea temple) over at 377, – 3731. For an end portal, you’ll want to be at 287, -2412.

In Case You’re Looking For a Desert Temple #6417841594308614589

This sizeable mansion houses a secret treasure chest near 1534, 85, -1128, in which you’ll find a chain breastplate and golden apple. It’s fairly plain, but is within 2k meters of spawn, and you’ll actually spawn into the world just south of a Desert Temple hiding an abandoned mine below.

Old Fashioned Near Spawn (And an Underwater End Portal) #-4589128118707775879

If you’re looking for a nice, standard Minecraft 1.11, look no further. This is equipped with all your needs, including a library, dining hall, small gardening room, and a little pumpkin farm. Great for the fall season, but there are other cool mansions to find.

This is massive, like most, but also comes with a three-story appendix. Notable rooms include an adorable loft and a strange, unfinished room with stone seating, and walls filled with dirt. There’s also a village nearby, where the peasants live in the shadows of your new 1.11 mansion.

Two Desert Temples (And Other Stuff) #3585663767566414981

This seed is full of all kinds of fun stuff, including two nearby desert temples and a plains village.

Here, Have Some Monsters #-8567493892092483216

This is a mansion with access to a village and some nearby spawners. Check out some notable coordinates below.

Oceanside Chicken #-528168294321987409

Noxmomma also found another fantastic seed. If you’d like a little more water in your life, this extends over the water, overlooking a sizeable swamp sitting right next door. Be on the lookout for the giant chicken, as well as the creepy chamber equipped with a stone stage, stone seats, and a stone podium. Around the halls you’ll find a lovely storage room and flower room, but deep below the mansion lies a skeleton dungeon.

Waterfront and Near a Village #8197364447347830626

Another lovely waterfront property close to spawn, this mansion also sits just a few hundred blocks away from a village (with a blacksmith), found at -250, -170. But, as always, we’re way more interested in building underwater fortresses.

Room of Diamonds #2708143789541548520

Sometimes they will conceal secret rooms, with no doors leading to their location. This, discovered by stunn22, holds a secret room of diamond and obsidian.

Extreme Hills Mansion #455183159361683197

This seed spawns you near a massive stone mound, with a village and a 1.11 abode right nearby. If you’re looking to carve out a fortress friend for your mansion, this will do the trick.

A Savanna, a Ravine, a Blacksmith, and a Nether Fortress #7056697421514564835

This seed is one of the best seeds we’ve checked out. The surrounding area is lush, the local blacksmith is a boon, and the ravine goes down to level 11. We’ve also heard that heading to the Nether from the mansion places you right near a Nether fortress.

Fight Club #426309126

And for those of you who need an in-home wrestling cage, this mansion comes equipped with an arena. Overhead spectator viewing is accessible via a ladder, and after the match, everyone can go sit in the mansion’s tree room, which is just a tree, surrounded by seats.

Spawner City and Lava Room #6749295965849649575

If you love monster farming, this has three spawners directly under it. There’s also a number of villages in the surrounding area, in case you start to miss the joys of non-creature company.

Books and Mineshafts #-5744779235347951970

We admire this mansion for catering to both the miner and the scholar. It houses a large library, and underneath lies an abandoned mineshaft. Check out 1939, 20, 474 for a chest with lapis lazuli and an Efficiency VI enchanted book.

Mansion Plus Temple #3700507149557916849

This seed will hook you up with a large mansion to explore plus other features such as multiple desert temples to explore.

Close Mansion Plus Lava Fall #159753123456789

This one discovered by Gameskinny is pretty freaking cool. Not only is it right by you where you spawn, it features a lava fall to add some spice to your life. Handle it before the fire spreads to your new awesome mansion.

Loaded Seed Spawn Plus Mansion #-136557828955542249

This one is a double whammy, you’ll spawn into a game world with a ton of valuable loot to find including gold apples, diamond horse + chestplate armor and more. Also, more importantly, you’ll find a very large mansion to take advantage of too.

Obsidian and Mineshaft #-3810461314851024308

If rocks are your thing, we suggest this mining-friendly house. It features an obsidian room and a mine shaft. Though, personally, we’d rather the fight club.

Village Spawn #-5217747434466194118

Hop into this seed if you want to spawn right next to a village full of farms. Nearby at 20, -800, there’s also a ravine that goes down to diamond level. Both will be great for stocking up before you head over to your new mansion hideaway.

Mansion and Village with Blacksmith #309613437623731447

This seed is a double whammy. Featuring a mansion for you to find, secret chests in the mansion with gold ingots redstones, and a diamond hoe, plus the ability to spawn near a forest village with blacksmith and some good loot.

Modern Desert Mansion #7631359026363828816

If the other desert temple isn’t sleek enough for you, you could go for this Modern Desert Mansion seed shown here.

That does it for the best Minecraft 1.11 Mansion seeds you can get! Let us know if we missed any down in the comments below.

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