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Top 15 Best Minecraft 1.12 Village Seeds


Top 15 Best Minecraft 1.12 Village Seeds

Get a great head-start with these amazing village seeds.

Top 15 Best Minecraft 1.12 Village Seeds

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Right off the bat is a lucky seed that’ll spawn you right next to a sizeable village with a blacksmith in it. The village itself is beautiful, located in a small valley with a river running through it – this place would be great to give you a headstart in your Minecraft 1.12 adventure.

This seed brings you to a nice open plain with a blacksmith’s village right on the edge of a vast ocean. It’ll give you a great baseline to continue your game from, being full of villagers and food. The blacksmith’s chest contains five iron ingots, iron leggings, iron boots, a saddle, and more, so choosing this seed means you’ll be set for a while.

This Minecraft 1.12 Village Seeds spawns you really close to a small village packed with food. There’s plenty of places here to start building a house, and the villagers can help you – there are also loads of small cave networks nearby, too.

This village is, like a previous entry in this list, on the very cusp of a massive ocean. This one, however, spawned slightly in the ocean, meaning you’ll need to do a little swimming to get everything this peaceful place has to offer. It’s right near a ravine, too.

This seed places you in the middle of a desert, right next to a massive hillside village that even has its own desert temple. Using this seed will give you a massive headstart, as you’ll be able to find loads of loot from the temple alone, and looking in the village will give you some nice surprises too.

If you enter this seed, you might be a little confused as to where the village is. Fear not! Just head southeast a little, and you’ll run into a massive village with a blacksmith and loads of food. There’s also loads of room for you to build your own house here.

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