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Top 20 Best PS4 Minecraft Seeds You Need to Try Out

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Top 20 Best PS4 Minecraft Seeds You Need to Try Out

Starting a new PS4 Minecraft game? You’ll want one of these seeds.

Best PS4 Minecraft Seeds to Check Out

If you love building in Minecraft on the PS4, then you have to check out these seeds whenever you start up yours next survival or creative game.

After spawning on this seed, head west to find a massive desert temple and desert village only a minute away. The chests within the town are filled with tons of goodies to help you start your journey and the temple is an ideal place to start off your first home base with all the essentials nearby.

Using this seed will spawn you on a peaceful little island, a fun place to start a survival game. There are several other islands scattered nearby, but you’ll have to venture to the mainland to get some resources to build your island home. If you’re tried of beginning a game in the biomes, then an island seed would be a great way to mix it up.

Best PS4 Minecraft Seeds

This seed will place you directly in front of a huge ice spike biome, complete with lava waterfall that somehow doesn’t totally melt all the ice, Minecarft logic. What also makes this seed interesting is the huge cliffs nearby that have massive entry ways that are ripe for mining. You’ll want to bring a torch as a few steps in and it is a dark as a Creeper’s soul in there.

Whose says you have to start off your game living in a dirty cave? Your new game can begin with style as this seed is directly besides an absolutely massive mansion that’s three stories tall. After spawning, head south-east and it will only be a minute before you see the mansion resting atop a huge hill. There are tons of storage rooms with chests all ready to fill, and by poking around the house a bit you can discover items in certain chests including diamond tools, enchanted books, and lots more rare items. The mansion also had gardens inside so you can produce your own food, tons of bedrooms, libraries, and massive windows looking out on a forest view below. What more could you want?

If you liked the previous mansion seed, this one might even top it. Located almost directly beside your spawn, this mansion features a space before for a rooftop deck, and 3/4 of a river already encircle it making it perfect for a moat. Plus this mansion comes with a few quirks. Along with a huge lava lamp encased in glass on the top floor, you’ll also find you’re own towering chicken statue just like you’ve always wanted.

Best PS4 Minecraft Seeds

After spawning, head to the bottom left corner of the map out past some spikey cliffs to the open sea. Nearby is a huge water temple for you to explore, but watch our for guardians. The water temple is located at X: -386 Y: 34 Z: 419 on the map.

The nice thing about this seed is you will be placed within several different flat biomes, making it prime building territory for whatever creative creation you have planned. Sometimes the more simplistic the world, the better.

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