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The 25 Rarest Pokemon in Pokemon GO


The 25 Rarest Pokemon in Pokemon GO

Finding these might take awhile.

Pokemon GO is the biggest mobile game of all time, as searching and capturing wild Pokemon in the real world is incredibly addicting. For those who do not know, Pokemon GO is an augmented reality game that has players go out into the real world in search of Pokemon. Each Pokemon has a rarity and frequency for which they show up, making certain ones incredibly difficult to track down. Not all Pokemon can be currently captured, as the various legendaries and Ditto haven’t made it into the game just yet. However, there are still a large number of Pokemon we have found both difficult to track down and capture, making their appearance in our game noteworthy.

But how does one judge the rarity of the Pokemon in Pokemon GO? What we are looking for are those Pokemon that we almost never see pop up in game, regardless of where we are located. While some locations such as cities, grasslands, and lakes yield higher types more than others, these are still the Pokemon that make a very rare appearance. After paging through hundreds of posts and our own staff experiences, we’ve pieced together the rarest Pokemon in this mobile game. We will not be counting hatching Pokemon from eggs, as these are the hardest ones to obtain in the wild.  This list is in no particular order, but if you manage to nab one of these 25 Pokemon in the Pokemon GO, consider yourself lucky.


This shockingly (Get it?) powerful electric Pokemon may be one of the rarest electric types in the entire game. Since he has no evolved form, the only way to obtain this Pokemon in the wild is just blind luck. Though we recommend hanging around city or urban areas since electric types favor those locations more


The evolved form of Cubone, this Pokemon is not only difficult to find, but catch. While it’s easily possible to evolve into him via catching a large amount of Cubones, finding an already evolved version is much harder. Though if he’s anything like his smaller form, try searching for him in parks or more mountainous areas.


Speaking of mountains, this is one of the few Pokemon I’ve yet to personally ever see either in the wild or stationed at a gym. Golem is the final form of Geodude and one of the most elusive rock Pokemon in the original 150. Not to mention Golems typically have incredible defense, so if you see one consider leveling it up for gym use.


If finding a Growlith wasn’t hard enough, locating a fully evolved Arcanine is exceedingly rare in Pokemon GO. This fire Pokemon is not only difficult to catch, but almost never shows up. It doesn’t help that its fire, which makes locating a hotspot for that particular type only more troublesome.


A personal favorite, Alakzam is rare for two different reasons. One is simply that finding a fully evolved version very difficult, but more importantly to actually evolve this Pokemon you need to catch a ton of Abras. Which is frustrating because Abras will always run after your first attempted catch, thus making the grind for them only more tedious.


Another one of those elusive Pokemon, this ghost type is not terribly difficult to actually evolve due to the high number of Ghastlies roaming the streets. However, it’s possible to find a Gengar out in the wild, but doing so is quite challenging. Given ghost Pokemon seem to appear more frequently at night, this limits your window for having a higher chance to spot one. Just, don’t get lost in the dark woods when searching for him.


Look, evolving up to this Pokemon is incredibly easy due to the high number of Poliwags littering the world. However, locating this Pokemon outside of pure evolution is a bit more of a challenge. Try hanging out by streams or other locations you see a high number of Poliwags. Chances are that Poliwrath will appear in the exact same locations as its other forms.


As one of the fossil Pokemon, Omastar can be challenging due to the low rate of his original evolution form to begin with. While you can hatch its first form via a 10km egg, this creates a slow process to evolve up to Omastar. It’s possible to capture him in the wild, but much like the other fossil Pokemon it’s incredibly rare.


For many of the same reasons as Omastar, Kabutops is a Pokemon you will feel lucky to spot in the wild. Make sure to bring a ton of Great Balls and Razz Berries if you are hunting for this rare Pokemon.

Mr. Mime

It’s widely believed that  Mr. Mime is region locked to Europe and can only be obtained her in the U.S via an egg. While this is still heavily debated, finding a Mr. Mime regardless is still an incredibly frustrating task. They seem to either never show up for people or appear in massive, colorful hordes. If you manage to nab one consider yourself lucky, because some of us have never even seen this humanoid Pokemon.


Porygon is an odd Pokemon that is usually acquired by trainers via a 5km egg. Though it’s fully possible to catch this guy out in the wild, reports of seeing him are extremely scarce. If one manages to pop up for you, consider dropping whatever other Pokemon you’re chasing for him. Chances are you won’t see this guy in the wild much.


Outside of capturing around 100 Magikarps just to evolve one into a Gyarados, this can be an incredibly difficult one to snag. However, we have had a fair amount of success hitting PokeStops with lures near bodies of water such as rivers or the ocean. Consider this method if you are desperate to run into this terrifying sea serpent. Just be prepared for a battle, Gyarados doesn’t go down easily.


The last of the fossil Pokemon on this list, Aerodactyl is arguably the easiest of the three to obtain. Given he can hatch directly from 10km eggs and doesn’t need to evolve, it makes grinding out these rare items far better. However, this is a double edged sword since you will have a smaller chance of running into one naturally since they have no other forms.


What’s not to love about Scyther? The rarest of the bug Pokemon, this mantis is quite challenging to find over his counterpart Pinsir. Appearing far less frequently, this bug Pokemon is a rare find that you should hunt down as soon as it pops up. Plus, if Pokemon GO gets updated with more Pokemon you are already on your way to a Scizor.


One of the two rarest fighting Pokemon, Hitmonchan seems to favor urban environments over forests or parks. While he can be obtained via a 10km egg, you will obviously need more if you want to power up this bad boy into a pure powerhouse.


The other half of the fighting duo, Hitmonlee is another one of those rare fighting Pokemon. Once again, this guy can be obtained via a 10km egg but finding them in the wild is very difficult. Fun fact: At one point Hitmonlee was the head Pokemon at a gym over Bruce Lee’s grave.


One of the rarest and most sought after Pokemon in the entire game, this Pokemon’s appearance has caused crowds of people to chase him down. While you can evolve into him, this is both time consuming and incredibly difficult. If you manage to spot one in the wild, make sure to pick up your pace. Chances are you are not the only one looking for this big guy.


The final evolution of Squirtle, finding Blastoise outside of evolving him is a long and time-consuming endeavor. Whether you run into him or not will completely come down to your luck and if you are using items such as the Lure Module. If you want this badass tortoise, prepare to do some serious searching.


Venusaur is the last of the original starters evolution and one that we tend to see more than the others. While that doesn’t make him any less rare, he seems to show up a bit more in the wild than the other two. Though this difference is fairly minuscule and he shouldn’t be passed up if you cross his path.


One of the rarest Pokemon int he entire game, spotting a Lapras seems to be an incredibly uncommon event. In my journey as a presumptive Pokemon trainer, I’ve only ever come across the Pokemon once and it seemed to be located across a massive river. Lapras is a powerful water type Pokemon and if you manage to nab one, consider giving yourself a pat on the back.


Another Pokemon that is considered region locked for wild captures, Kangaskhan is a difficult one to come across. Unless you are lucky with your incubations, Kangaskhan may be a Pokemon you never run across. Which is a shame given how absolutely awesome he looks!


The last of the single evolution Pokemon on our list, Magmar is probably the hardest of the these Pokemon to find. His appearances seem incredibly scattered and inconsistent, making locating him a very troublesome journey. If you ever come across this Pokemon make sure to use your best items to help capture him.



Because just finding a Dratini wasn’t hard enough right? Dragonite’s appearances are very scarce and usually end up being challenging encounters. While he’s been captured in the will by numerous trainers, some people may go their entire Poke-Career without seeing one. When your best chance is evolving up to him through already scarce Pokemon, you know this is one of Pokemon GO’s rarest monsters.


Just getting one of these two in Pokemon GO is an annoying endeavor. Given both have separate evolution chains, but frequent the same areas your chances of finding the right gender is already slim. Catching one out in the wild is even rarer since they almost never appear and when they do it’s usually being hunted down by everyone in  the vicinity. You best bet is to just camp out in an area where its previous forms spawn in hopes to either catch enough to evolve or get lucky and find one already ready for you.



We’re not convinced this Pokemon is even out in the wild right now. Unlike the legendary Birds, Ditto is just a normal Pokemon in the core video games. Yet, Ditto is treated as if it’s in the same realm as Mewtwo in Pokemon GO. This only makes his absence that more noticeable and even more frustrating since we can never seem to find him. Ditto is an enigma right now and if you ever spot one you may have been marked by the Poke-Gods for greatness.

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