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Skyrim Special Edition: The Best PS4 Mods You Can Get


Skyrim Special Edition: The Best PS4 Mods You Can Get

Customize your journey.

After a bit of back and forth and lots of deliberation, Sony and Bethesda finally agreed to the implementation of mods on PS4 releases. Here are the best Skyrim: Special Edition mods available right now.

Ys Spell Tweaks in Skyrim

This mod is perfect for all of you mages out there. Thanks to a few tweaks to spell mechanics, you’ll be able to cast faster, have stronger abilities, and it removes any unnecessarily annoying animations from the casting experience.

Even Better Quest Objectives in Skyrim

This is a pretty straightforward mod that is actually very useful, especially for players journeying into Skyrim for the first time. Instead of just having to rely on the map, you’ll be given detailed descriptions of what to do so you don’t get lost following floating arrows.

Point the Way in Skyrim

Want to travel through Skyrim but don’t want to keep bringing up your map for fear of breaking the immersion? Sometimes that can be difficult since it’s very easy to get lost while walking around, thanks to the lack of signs. Point the Way fixes that by placing hundreds of road signs and even having them pointed in the right directions. No more pause menus for you.

God Gear

So you just want to run through cities killing everything and fearing nobody? Then you might want to throw on some God Gear which is just a set of armor and weapons that have some ridiculously powerful enchantments.

Mortal Wounds: No Health Regeneration & Hardcore Difficulty

If you’re the opposite of the players who want God Gear and want nothing more than a brutal, soul-crushing world, then you may want to check out the Mortal Wounds mod. All combat becomes fast and deadly, and the lack of health regen means you’ll have to be careful how you approach danger and keep a healthy supply of potions.

Disable Cinematic Kills

Cinematic Kills are jaw dropping when you first encounter them, but can start to weigh down on you as you start to pile on the hours. Eventually they’ll just be an obstacle slowing you down as you carve your way through Skyrim leaving death in your wake, so this mod that disables them will certainly prove to be handy.

Go Away Map Clouds!

Looking at Skyrim’s map will become a constant activity, so it would be great if it was always clear and easy to see. Unfortunately, we have to deal with a thick swarm of clouds that likes to appear over the map making it impossible to discern certain roads and locations. This mod removes those pesky clouds so you can see clearly once more.

Dovahkiin Keep

This is a simple mod that grants you a huge manor full of mannequins and storage for all of your armor and weapons.

Scroll Crafting

The Scroll Crafting mod allows you to craft every scroll in the game giving you access to tons of spells without the need to grind for hours to get your magic up to snuff in Skyrim.

Rich Merchants of Skyrim: Special Edition

Despite all the gold and magical equipment being sold by the merchants of The Elder Scrolls, they always manage to be broke. This mod fixes that by giving every 10,000 Gold allowing you to sell all of your junk and make some decent coin in the process.

Summon Explosive Chickens

You can never have too much fowl in a video game, especially of the explosive variety. This mod adds in a spell that lets you summon some exploding chickens that you can use as traps for nearby enemies, or just for fun.

150% Jumping & Sprinting

Contrary to the name, this mod allows you to jump 50% higher and run for 50% longer. Just for the amazing hops you’ll now have alone, this download is definitely worth it.

Legendary Creatures

Think of this as a fan-made expansion that adds eight horrifying monsters for you to battle. Each challenging foe guards brand new armor, spells, and weapons for you to collect.

The Ring of God Mode

You can probably tell by the name of the mod that this is going to make you very powerful. It adds a ring you can find in Whiterun that increases Health, Magicka, Carry, and other stats to 99,999, making you an unstoppable killing machine.

Cauldian Race

Perhaps you don’t think there are enough races to choose from in Skyrim. If that’s the case this mod adds the Cauldians, complete with resistances to Fire and Spark damage, as well as new followers found in the world.

Nicer Children

Let’s be honest really quick, the children in Skyrim are downright rude. This mod makes them all a bit nicer by removing some of their less welcome dialogue.

Resurrect Everything

While the ability to resurrect defeated enemies already exists in Skyrim, you were very limited. This mod allows you ressurect all of your foes, excluding dragons.

Skill Up Cheat Items

This is one of those mods for players who just want to do as they please in Skyrim, as it will remove the immersion that comes through challenge. You’ll find a set of books in Riverwood that will help you instantly max out your abilities and even go beyond Legendary. You’ll also get a ring to help you level up faster.

Unlimited Werewolf Transformations

You, my friend, are a powerful beast who shouldn’t be confined by the sun and moon, allowed to transform only once per day. Unlimited Werewolf Transformations lets you turn into a beast as often as you please.

Unlimited Shouts

One of the most fun actions in Skyrim is shouting people off of high ledges. This mod allows you to do it without waiting for a cooldown. Unlimited Fus Ro Dahs for the world.

A lot of mods based around immersion sadly aren’t available on the PS4, but Immersive Patrols for PS4 luckily is. This mod makes all the various factions in Skyrim patrol around in groups together, making these factions in Skyrim feel more life like and impactful.

The Gardens of Whiterun is exactly what it sounds like. It adds a lot of plant, insect life, fish, and just greenery all around Whiterun making it a much more beautiful city. You can download it for PS4 here.

Think of EasierRider’s Dungeon Pack as a small, free DLC expansion that just adds a handful of cool dungeons. There’s a total of five dungeons that range from small to very long.

Believable Crime Radius for PS4 does exactly what the title hints it. It reduces the vanilla version’s insanely large crime report radius and turns it into something far more realistic. If you’re a career thief, this is one you’ll want to pick up.

Stay Arrow Stay for PS4 is a great mod for career archers as it makes your world, well, more archer friendly. With this mod, you’ll have an increased chance of picking up arrows from bodies, plus, it lets more arrows appear on screen at once, adding to Skyrim’s immersion and realism.

HUNT: Dragon Skulls, A Hunters Of Unusual And New Trophies is a mouthful, but it’s worth it. It gives you something to do with all the dragon trinkets and items that you’ll find lots of throughout your adventures in Skyrim. It adds more drops from dragons, and let’s you keep things like skulls as trophies and uses other materials as crafting items.

Bridges of Skyrim is yet another mod that does exactly as described. It makes the bridges in Skyrim prettier, and reflect the region in which they were built.

This mod is another one that focuses more on making Skyrim prettier, and more immersive. Birds and Flocks, adds detailed flocks of avian creatures all throughout the game.

Silver Armor and Weapons adds a new armor type, Silver, into Skyrim that can found and crafted in-game to go along with the silver weapons and rings that already exist.

Dark Water Home is a mod for the PS4 that adds a beautiful new livable home by Darkwater Pass. As the modder puts it: “The first time I came out of Darkwater Pass I knew I had to build my home there. A large secluded grounds surrounded by waterfalls centrally located between Windhelm, Whiterun, Ivarstead and Riften the Darkwater Home has all the amenities you need without being absurdly large and empty.”

Katanas are bad ass right? Skyrim has a noticable lack of Katanas. How do we fix that? Add Katanas via the Katana Pack. Simple as that!

Lockpicking loses its luster after you’ve done it for the 10 millionth time for some people. If you count yourself among those tired of having to pick locks, Easy Lockpicking for the PS4 makes it dramatically easier to pick any locks you come across.

Skyrim Restored adds a bunch of cut content back into the game including some caves, weapons, a prison, camps and more.

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