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Top 60 Best Couch Co-op Games on PS4 to Play With Friends


Top 60 Best Couch Co-op Games on PS4 to Play With Friends

Nothing beats good ol’ couch co-op!

Best Couch Co-op Games on PS4 That You Need to Play With Friends

As good as online connectivity is, it’s frustrating that it has largely come at the cost of sacrificing split screen co-operative in many games. Even Halo; the series that made couch co-op as synonymous with college life as beer pong and 2 minute ramen recently waved goodbye to split-screen in favor of a more online PVP focus.

Clearly, the developers have crunched the numbers and local multiplayer isn’t in the equation. But iIf you ask us, nothing beats good ol’ couch co-op! I mean, who doesn’t want the chance to laugh, shout, scream, and throw things at each other over some hardcore co-op action in the living room?

From Black Ops III to Rayman Legends, Twinfinite has compiled 25 of the must-play couch co-operative games on the PlayStation 4:

Nobody could possibly have predicted that Rocket League, a game in which you play soccer with rocket powered cars, would become such a phenomenon, but here we are. On paper, it all sounds rather silly, but in practice, it’s utterly brilliant. In cooperative mode, especially, Rocket League is a total hoot; a game that succeeds because it is both easy to pick up and difficult to master. But even when the giggles are replaced by competitiveness, Rocket League still measures up as an accomplished sports game. A must play.

The death of competitive split screen has been a tough pill to swallow for many CoD fans, but at least developer Treyarch is behind couch cooperative. In Call Of Duty Black Ops III, players can enjoy a full co-op campaign, as well as a multiplayer specific zombie mode. So while there’s no more competitive split screen action, at least the shouting matches will be in the name of mutual progress, rather than furious screen watching accusations.

Rayman Legends is the total cooperative package. A hugely entertaining platformer with an endearing aesthetic and a wide range of levels and activities. There’s even a whole stack of remastered levels from the original Rayman that can also be played. Rayman Legends supports up to four players locally, with each player being able to select from the many colorful variations of Rayman and his companions.

Best Couch Co-op Games on PS4

Overcooked is frantic. Overcooked is mad. Quite simply, Overcooked is one of the most entertaining couch co-op games ever made. This endearing indie title is like a digital Hell’s Kitchen where players will have to work together to cook up a storm while navigating some of the most poorly designed kitchens ever conceived. Of course, it’s all fun and games until your teammate goes all Gordon Ramsay over your sloppy culinary skills!

EA has been tweaking the FIFA formula for decades, but the game still features couch cooperative gameplay for up to four players. Each year brings new features and changes to FIFA’s physics, pushing it further toward simulation than the more arcadey-feeling entries of yesteryear. While this has sometimes spoiled the fluidity of gameplay in the past, FIFA 18 is absolutely one of the best versions ever made. A vast improvement over 16, the Frostbite-powered latest game demands more skill and precision without feeling too stiff.

The sports title that started it all is still producing top-notch football simulations. Like FIFA for soccer, Madden is the go-to sports franchise for football fans, and it’s a go-to couch cooperative game for many, too. Up to four players can enjoy local multiplayer. Just remember that taking a sneak peek at your opposition’s call is still cheating!

Couch co-op is where Helldivers’ twin stick shooting gameplay really stands out. Up to four players are landed on the game’s varied maps, tasked with completing objectives and surviving enemy encounters. There’s plenty of diversity in its missions, requiring teammates to coordinate different roles, and each mission features lots of different vehicles and weapons – some designed specifically for cooperative play.

Resident Evil 5 received a lot of flak when it released back in 2011 on PS3. Capcom’s iconic franchise that once focused heavily on survival horror displeased many fans when it dropped that tradition for more action oriented gameplay. But one thing that RE5 did get right was its couch co-op, allowing a buddy to jump in and out of the main campaign. Now remastered on PS4, RE5 is now one of the most entertaining cooperative shooters on the system.

Best Couch Co-op Games on PS4

Towerfall Ascension is a real indie gem, featuring 2D arena style combat that echoes Smash Bros’ awesome gameplay formula. Although its PVP play is arguably Towerfall’s better multiplayer mode, there’s plenty of fun to be had in cooperative mode, too. Players can look forward to hours of entertaining and downright hilarious action defending against waves of enemies.

The devilishly popular Diablo III made its way to PS4 in 2014, and aside from stunning us with its awesome campaign and online modes, it also features a sweet two-player local cooperative mode. But it gets even better: both of you can simultaneously join an online session from the same console.

A Way Out is a narrative-driven game with mandatory co-op. You and another friend can play either locally or online to plan a prison break and solve puzzles together in split-screen.

Salt and Sanctuary is a beautifully animated 2D Souls-like. And while at times it almost too closely resembles the series from which it is inspired, Salt and Sanctuary’s side-scrolling gameplay does enough to put a new spin on proceedings. Its gameplay is brutally challenging, but not unfairly so, and the game is tied together by a haunting atmosphere. Best of all, you can enjoy the entirety of its 30-or-so hour campaign cooperatively with a buddy.

Best Couch Co-op Games on PS4

Resogun is another shoot em’ special from Housemarque. Launched back in 2013, it is the spiritual successor to the developer’s famed Super Stardust games, and remains one of the system’s best exclusives. Similarly to those titles, Resogun draws heavily from arcade classics such as Defender, modernizing and iterating on the same addictive gameplay loop. Players battle enemies and rescues trapped humans in a cylindrical world. The aesthetic is typically Housemarque– vibrant and colorful running at a buttery smooth 60fps. The frantic gameplay can be enjoyed cooperatively to the beat of its rocking score.

Enter the Gungeon is a mashup of roguelike level design, twin stick shooting, and mad bullet hell dodging. Action moves at lightning pace and there’s a real intricacy to its combat that demands careful timing and precision. There are four playable characters that each start with a different weapon setup, and progression is all about collecting an arsenal of over 190 different weapons. Cooperative gameplay isn’t quite as tight as solo, with some levels feel a bit cramped, but Enter The Gungeon’s explosive action is still a blast with a pal.

Stikbold – Stikbold may not be strictly just a co-op experience for you and your friends to check out, but it’s great fun when you’re all together regardless of the mode you play. Stikbold tasks you with evading incoming dodgeballs thrown by opponents, and returning fire and knocking them out of the game. It’s a simple premise with a fair bit of content to boot, but it’s at its best when you get 2 v 2 games on the go. Get your friend by your side and prepare to take on your arch nemeses (also known as your other friends).

Sundown – Sundown’s another one of these awesome party game with a bit of a twist. You’re simply tasked with eliminating your opponents with the various different weapons in the game. However, your character can only be seen when they step into the light. Spots of light are few and far between in the arenas, and this makes for tons of sneaking and tactical eliminations on your friends. Team up with a friend and take on whoever dares challenge you.

Secret of Mana – Secret of Mana is a straight up story-driven experience that you and your friends can take on together. This PS4 remake of the 1993 SNES classic, gives the visuals a much-needed work over, adds in some Quality of Life improvements to how the game handles, and even given the soundtrack a bit of work. Due to the way you unlock more party characters in the game, your friends won’t be able to join in from the very beginning, but once you’ve unlocked them (these moments can’t be missed), you’re all set to couch co-op to your heart’s content.

Call of Duty: World War II – Despite having a campaign mode that placed such a large emphasis on your teammates and camaraderie, it’s disappointing that it didn’t allow for couch co-op fun. However, there is still a couch co-op mode in World War II in the form of the much-adored zombies mode. This time, you’ll need to complete various objectives as you slay countless hunks of rotting, human flesh, and having some friends by your side certainly makes things easier, too.

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