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Top 15 Most Iconic Healing Items in Gaming History


Top 15 Most Iconic Healing Items in Gaming History

Calm the ache.

the most iconic healing items in video game history

Red Potion from The Legend of Zelda: Somehow, we can’t help but think this healing concoction tastes like strawberries.

Seeing how they can heal infectious zombie bites, we’re pretty sure green herbs would be illegal if they were real. surely one of the most iconic video game healing items

Mushrooms from Super Mario: They will make you grow, throw fireballs, or even sprout a wiggly tail. That’s one hell of an hallucinogen.

Estus Flask from Dark Souls: One swig from this from this flask will postpone your impending death.

Poké Centers from Pokémon: It’s great when your Pokémon gets a much-needed health boost, but when the opposition restores its pocket monster to full HP, you’ll wish these never existed.

Painkillers from Max Payne: We’re not too sure how one or two painkillers can heal a shotgun blast to the chest at point-blank range, but hey, we’re not judging.

First-Aid Kit from Left 4 Dead: Oh no, you got mauled by the undead and your chest ripped to shreds by a Hunter? Let me patch you up right quick!

Healing Salve from Dota 2: The one healing item that rarely tends to be as effective on you as it is on the opposition, even though its effects do not vary. this healing item is one of the most iconic in video game history

H.E.V. Suit Charger from Half-Life: An H.E.V. suit is sort of like an iPhone in that it comes with a flashlight and needs to be recharged every so often to keep it going.

Nuka-Cola from Fallout: Thirsty? Free from radiation? Smacked upside the head by a heavily armored mutant? One bottle o’ Nuka-Cola will fix all that!

Alcohol from BioShock: In reality, too much alcohol will take its tole on your liver. When you’re in a sub-oceanic city with genetically enhanced blood running through your veins, however, we take it the effects are bound to differ slightly.

Health Packs from Overwatch: The healing item that will make you sigh in relief when you find it in time or grunt in frustration when someone else just barely beat you to it.

Healing Potion from Final Fantasy: Hey, if it helps you beat a monstrosity nine times your size, then by all means, go ahead. this healing item is one of the best

Meditation from The Witcher: Plentiful rest will cure almost anything. When you’re a Witcher, however, taking a one-hour nap in an uncomfortable position will make that epic clash with a mysterious beast seem like but a bruise.

Sweet Rolls from Skyrim: Punch a bandit in the neck with a sword, halt the battle, and stuff your face with a bunch of sugar-rich deserts. That ought to do the trick.

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