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Turns Out God of War’s Photo Mode Isn’t Just Daddy Pics of Kratos, Weird

Kratos, God of War


Turns Out God of War’s Photo Mode Isn’t Just Daddy Pics of Kratos, Weird

Oh You! Thankfully, the Dad of War sitcom has been picked up for twelve episodes. Unfortunately, it’s on Fox. Fortunately, Netflix already has dibs on reviving it. Just Your Average Father/Son Jog. Everybody screams non-stop while they jog…right? Not just the God of War? Midgard: Become Godly. Feel free to use this one, Sony. Family Vacation. Turns out family vacations are the same across all the Realms. To the Moon. Or the Norse equivalent of the moon, at least. GoW_ALTERNATE_ENDING.jpg. Twinfinite exclusive leaked ending. (Don’t tell Cory Barlog we found this). God of the Hill, Hunting Accident? Dang it Atreus, I tell ya that boy ain’t right. Eat Your Heart Out, Robin Hood. So that’s where Hawkeye was during Infinity War! Is this canon? Aw Snap. Atreus, I don’t feel so good…I don’t want to go. Twinsies. The resemblance really is uncanny. Greek Psycho. Christian Bale hasn’t aged well. Exchanging Blows. It’s just a pretty sick photo of Kratos doing what he does best. Bodysurfing. Taking ride-along to a whole new level. Limbo 2 Announcement? Not really, please don’t be mad. Parenting. The Norse equivalent of a Disney World Meltdown. Once a God of War, always a God of War. What are people talking about, Kratos hasn’t changed all that much. Kratos is too soft now. Kratos REALLY hasn’t changed much. When You Accidentally Press Front Camera. “Feeling cute, might delete later.” That One Guy on Instagram. “Just jogging 50 miles with my god dad, no big deal.” “Not even tired, perks of being a god ;)”

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