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10 Artsy Fe Screenshots That Capture its Mysterious Beauty

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10 Artsy Fe Screenshots That Capture its Mysterious Beauty

Fe is a bit of a different title from what fans usually expect from publisher EA. Rather than being another massive blockbuster franchise or epic AAA title, Fe comes from a small indie developer known as Spoink Games. Fe places players in control of an adorable little fox-like creature as they explore a forest and help to push back the evil creatures that now plague the woodland. Along the way, players will meet all manner of different animals which, when you sing with them, can unlock new powers and abilities to help you traverse previously inaccessible areas of the forest.

What really stands out about Fe, though, is its art style. The game was clearly influenced by the dark and mysterious Nordic forests, and as such the color palette largely focuses on deep blues and mysterious purples to really help nail home the atmosphere as you embark on your adventure.

To give you an idea of just how great the game looks, we’ve compiled a bunch of screenshots from the time we’ve spent playing the game so far on PS4 Pro for you to check out.

Fe is also available right now on the PC, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

While the jury is still somewhat out in terms of how fun Fe is to play, it goes without saying that the game can look pretty fantastic with its moody and mysterious color palette. To celebrate the sheer beauty on show in the game, we’ve compiled a handful of screenshots that really show just how good this game looks.

One of the many, majestic creatures you’ll encounter in Fe.

So many trees to climb, so little time.

The beginning of your adventure in this picturesque forest.

The lighting and vivid colors contrasting against the dark give the woods a magical atmosphere.

Credit: RedxMaude

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