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All of the New Overwatch Uprising Event’s Skins


All of the New Overwatch Uprising Event’s Skins

Blasts from the past.

The trailer for Overwatch Uprising also showcases a rather different version of the King’s Row map that has been clearly suffering from large scale riots due to the tensions between humans and Omnics. However, what most players will be interested in are the various new skins that they can dress their characters up in and boy there are some awesome ones. Characters like Genji and McCree will obtain Blackwatch inspired outfits like the ones you can get for Reaper via the Origins Edition of Overwatch. Other skins include Mercy, Reinhardt, Trace, and Torbjorn’s Overwatch outfits that can be seen in both the comic and trailer.

There is also a skin of a young Torbjorn without a beard and an Omnic inspired color pallet for Bastion in case you want to feel extra evil when using him. Finally, there is a Widowmaker skin that showcases her before her skin was turned purple and is dubbed the Femme Fatale outfit. For those who have been looking for more PvE based activities in Overwatch make sure to check out Uprising. All of these outfits will cost double their normal amount which has become a custom in Blizzard’s live events.

Cadet Oxton – Tracer Uprising New Skins


Lieutenant Wilhelm – Reinhardt  Uprising New Skins


Combat Medic Ziegler – Mercy

Uprising New Skims

Chief Engineer Lindholm – Torbjorn Uprising New Skins


Ironclad – Torbjorn Uprising New Skins


Blackwatch – McCree


Blackwatch – Genji


Talon – Widowmaker


Null Sector – Bastion


Null Sector – Orisa



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