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All 22 Bloodborne Bosses Ranked From Hardest to Slightly Less Hard


All 22 Bloodborne Bosses Ranked From Hardest to Slightly Less Hard

Upon entering the arena, the first thing you’ll notice is that there are two lanky fur-monsters patrolling the sidelines. While this is definitely unnerving at first, once the boss’ true form is revealed, it’s a total cake-walk. The Witch of Hemwick is little more than a huddled figure which hides in the corners of the map, making it incredibly easy to find and kill her. As Souls bosses go, she’s a total pushover, primarily used to teach the player that all may not be what it seems when initially entering future boss fights. So let’s look at the Hardest Bloodborne Bosses.

This jelly-headed boss is located in the orphanage and starts the fight by hiding amongst a group of smaller enemies. As Bloodborne bosses go they’re almost kind of cute, until you single out the boss that is and it grows into something more grotesque entirely. It can be easy to be overwhelmed by the group, making this fight a little tricky but keep your distance and you’ll be fine and makes it one of the Hardest Bloodborne Bosses

Micolash is different to every other Bloodborne easiest boss in that he starts the fight by actively running away from you. The majority of this fight involves chasing him down in a maze of sorts until you can corner him and deal damage. His cage-headed appearance is pretty spooky but both his attacks and general presence are pretty underwhelming. There’s some good lore to be had here but in terms of a formidable Bloodborne boss, Micolash is kind of a pushover.

Bloodborne’s secret final boss enters the arena as a black Lovecraftian silhouette against a blood moon. As entrances go, it’s up there. Theatrics aside, Moon Presence is pretty easy to beat, not that you’d guess from its less than friendly appearance.

Bloodborne hardest boss

This fleshy fellow is commonly cited as the boss which made people quit Bloodborne forever. It’s not that the game had been plain-sailing up until this boss, but Blood-Starved Beast is definitely a step up. It also has the annoying ability to hit you through walls which is, unfair. It’s speed and poison effects also put a downer on things, making it one of the hardest bloodborne boss fights in the game.

Ever lifted up a log and found thousands of disgusting, shivering insects scurrying away back towards the darkness? This is the art direction for Rom, who is definitely Bloodborne’s worst boss most disgusting boss. As if the slightly furry, insect/potato hybrid that is Rom wasn’t enough, there’s also thirty or so spiders to contend with. Arachnophobia are gonna have a really hard time with this one, as well as anyone with eyes really. Bloodborne hardest boss is filled with ugly creature designs but this one takes the prize of being the ugliest

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