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10 Best PS4 Themes From August 2019


10 Best PS4 Themes From August 2019

Mid-summer has proved to be a corker for cool PS4 themes to personalize your PlayStation home screen with, so let’s run through the 10 best PS4 themes from August 2019 and let you know which ones we think are worthy of your attention.

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Best PS4 Themes August 2019

NFL: 2019 Miami Dolphins Theme

There’s a bunch of NFL-themed backgrounds available in August so you’re not stuck with the Dolphins, don’t worry — we’ve just picked them because we’re repping Twinfinite’s Miami HQ.

4K Amazing Floating Planets Dynamic Theme

Planetary themes are a dime a dozen, and if you like them then we encourage you to go check out the store because there’s plenty more, but this particular one caught our eye for its cool triple floating planet aesthetic.

New Noir City HiQ Dynamic

It doesn’t get any more neo-noir than a well-proportioned lady in a red dress against a black and white backdrop of the big apple, all to the tune of some smoky jazz.

Facing the Future 4K

Facing the Future has a sweet post-apocalyptic vibe to it that reminds us of the Animatrix, if you remember that one.

Full Moon Howl HiQ Dynamic Theme

A classic: the lone wolf howling into the distance, perched atop a cliff.

Epic Synthwave Dynamic

The beats are suitably epic, trust us, and the graphics are appropriately funky. A must-have for Synthwave fans. Link.

2X Anime Fairies Lofi Chillhop – Dynamic

If you’re after a theme with cool music but want something a little more chill, lofi chillhop is the ticket.

Catus Galactus HiQ Dynamic

This month’s bonkers cat theme is so fun to say; the Catus Galactus is in a perpetual state of blast off.

Autumn Kitten – Dynamic

One more for the cat lovers. Now, typically I don’t like to even mention autumn until we’re well into October, but I’ll allow it this one time in the name of kitty cuteness.


Another wolf theme that we just had to include because the image is totally captivating.

That does it for the best PS4 themes of August 2019.

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