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Top 7 Best PS4 Themes From February 2018


Top 7 Best PS4 Themes From February 2018

The Mulaka PS4 launch theme thrusts you into Northern Mexico’s landscape as the game’s tribal hero stands proudly while the wind softly blows around him. It’s a peaceful, calming PS4 theme that will no doubt help you wind down after a long day at work. This is certainly one of the best PS4 themes from February 2018.

The St. Patrick’s Day Countdown dynamic theme is the perfect treat for those of you out there that love St. Paddy’s Day. It only only serves as a whimsical means to get you into the drinking spirit again, but also reminds you how many days are left to the next St. Patrick’s Day.

The Amazing Coral Reef 3D dynamic theme is simple, yet so effective at serving as the perfect backdrop for marine wildlife lovers. Different sea creatures like whales and sharks swim across your view while a beautiful collection of flora frames the picture. Another one of the best PS4 themes from February 2018.

The 4K Beautiful Space Sky dynamic theme offers a cool voyage into an orbital abyss filled with stars that gleam at you as you fly by. Trippy sci-fi music plays as you navigate through your PS4 home screen, making for quite the treat to get your imagination rolling.

Though you can probably guess from each theme’s name, the I Love Cats and I Love Dogs themes are practically a must-own for devoted pet lovers out there. The heart beats rhythmically to the music and cute cat and dog faces fly by, making for practically the best thing to see when you turn on your PS4. Another of the best PS4 themes from February 2018.

If you want a moody, atmospheric mood to greet you when you boot up your PS4 themes, look no further than the Steampunk Alley dynamic theme. The creepy, dark music that plays as lights flicker on and off is the perfect accent for horror fans out there.

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