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Top 5 Best Minecraft Survival Island Seeds for 1.9


Top 5 Best Minecraft Survival Island Seeds for 1.9

looking for the best minecraft survival island seeds for 1.9? Here we’ve gathered all the best island survival seeds out there, so that any minecraft player looking to just barely get by can have a chance. whether you want a handful of trees or just one, a pack of wolves or just one, or just crippling loneliness, here are the best seeds.

survival island Seed 1.9: 93819220
Works in: 1.8 and
This island would serve as a fine survival spot on its own, carrying a handful of trees, sugar cane, and wolves. To sweeten the deal, though, there’s a stronghold just next door. Some other points of interest include:
Two ocean monuments at 711, 62, -281 and 200, 61, -217.
An underwater mineshaft at 936, 29, -278

minecraft survival island Seed 1.9: -6185261765285097501
Works in: 1.8 and 1.9

Can you survive on this lonely island with its single wolf inhabitant? Will you venture to the nearby island of sheep to find it prey? If not, you can always head to the ocean monument at 823, 62, 680.

Note: sometimes cows or chickens will spawn instead of the lone wolf. These seem like decent alternatives.

minecraft survival island Seed: -3847859895951773072
Works in: 1.9

We’re not going to lie, the only really amazing thing about this island is that it offers you the ability to dip yourself in your own personal lava spring. But, it also comes with a number of trees suitable for a moderate survival run.

minecraft survival island Seed: 6263534178860585573
Works in: 1.9

We love that this island comes with plenty of sand and is mostly submerged. Sprinkle in a few trees and an iron deposit in the middle of the island, and you’re all set.

Minecraft survival island Seed: -3981399196676503134
Works in: 1.9 Large Biomes

One tree, some grass, and a bit of sugarcane. All you really need to survive.

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