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Best Minecraft PE Seeds That You Have to Check Out (Pocket Edition Minecraft Seeds)

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Best Minecraft PE Seeds That You Have to Check Out (Pocket Edition Minecraft Seeds)

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Minecraft Pocket Edition has a whole range of seeds that spawn various different areas, each providing a unique adventure. Here are the best Minecraft Pocket Edition seeds (also known as Minecraft PE seeds) that you need to try out.

Best Minecraft PE Seeds – Best Minecraft Pocket Edition Seeds

Easy Start – easy start

A picturesque Minecraft Pocket Edition hillside village with all manner of content to keep you entertained. The most notable detail, though, is hidden beneath. Digging just a short distance from spawn point reveals a Stronghold.

Massive Village Seed – 1388582293

More like a Minecraft Pocket Edition city than a village, this seed spawns an urban area that is essentially three villages strung together. There’s absolutely loads to do in this awesome setting.

Great Plains – time

Looking for a nice wide open space to start your Minecraft Pocket Edition building? This seed gives you the perfect area to let your creative juices flow.

Lava Waterfall – 98450566

This stunning cliff face covered in lava is a treat for the eyes, but beyond the visual spectacle it hides a labyrinth of mines plush with resources, such as coal, iron, obsidian, and diamonds.

Swamp and Mountain Biome – kick me from the hill

This is a really interesting area, complete with a swamp and mountain biome, and a village that houses a blacksmith stacked with goodies. There’s plenty here to start a lengthy adventure.

Snow and Gold – snowsnowsnow

A really pretty seed that spawns gorgeous icy spikes that protrude from the ground. There’s also plenty of gold around, too, that can be found by simply digging straight down from where you spawn.

Island Survival – Mesa plz

If you like survival island maps, this will be right up your alley. Entering this seed will spawn players on a small desert landmass surrounded by ocean. Underneath the island, however, there’s a honeycomb of tunnels and caves filled with precious resources to mine.

Desert Village – legend of luuc

The desert village is an awesome seed for more than just it’s eye-catching aesthetic. Not only is the village situated on the edge of a mesa biome, complete with a blacksmith’s chest containing emeralds, but buried beneath is a stronghold with an End portal.

Mountain Biome – xnxx

If you’re in the mood for a bit of Minecraft cliff-diving, here’s the seed you’ve been waiting for. This seed produces a mountain biome with some precarious overhangs. The mountains sit on the edge of a desert and savannah biome, where you’ll find two villages with blacksmiths, both of which have plenty of resources to loot.

Large Town – mamaMOOSE

Another enormous urban area for those wanting the hustle and bustle of a city in their Minecraft Pocket Edition experience.

Snowy Biome – 1410403532

A pretty snow-covered biome surrounded by a landscape dotted by large icicles. This village will get you into the xmas spirit, and it makes a cosy home to start your adventure.

Large Mesa with Gold Mineshafts

This seed spawns you near an enormous mesa. There’s a single mineshaft entrance but digging a little deeper exposes a myriad of different tunnels. Travel to the right-hand side to find the entrance, and from there you’ll also find two outcrops of gold.

Massive Rocky Mountain – super pig

This seed spawns a huge mountain with a large settlement underneath. Surrounding it are numerous interesting zones and sights, including a desert and swamp biome, an enormous red mushroom, and a pit of scorching lava.

Blacksmith’s Village – 66898262

This pretty blacksmith’s village is surrounded by both a desert and an open plain. There’s a stronghold hidden underneath, accessed via the village well. You’ll find it littered with zombies, mushrooms, and harboring an End Portal.

That does it for the best Minecraft Pocket Edition seeds or Minecraft PE seeds! If we missed any, let us know which ones you would have put on this list.

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