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Best Minecraft 1.13 Island Seeds You Have to Try

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Best Minecraft 1.13 Island Seeds You Have to Try

We’ve put together a list of the best Minecraft 1.13 island seeds for your perusal. Need a hand to update to this current version? Check out our guide on how to update Minecraft to 1.13.

Minecraft features plenty of vast, randomly generated worlds to explore. Yet some of the best seeds to start off within Minecraft are islands. While small, the majority of the island builds feature unique start points, ones that require you to manage scarce resources and explore the depths of the surrounding waters. Here are just a few of the best islands from the 1.13 update of the game.

Best Minecraft 1.13 Island Seeds

Marooned – Shipwrecked

This lonely island seed gives you the chance to be Chuck Noland, tasking you with surviving on a shipwrecked island with very little resources. Instead of trees, you’ll need to use the ship for wood. Simultaneously, you’ll need to be sure to manage the scarce materials provided inside the ship’s chest, as you won’t be able to survive without them at the start. With no other land in view, it’s up to you to turn this small island into a livable world (no volleyballs included).

Island Surrounded by Iceberg Flow

If you are looking for a fun game of survival, this iceberg flow seed may well be for you. Starting off on a small island that is lush with trees, you’ll need to craft the right tools before going out into the cold sea. Once you do, there is plenty to explore. Check out the surrounding icebergs, as well underwater monument, located right next to the island you spawn in on. There are plenty of islands off in the distance to scavenge as well, making for endless exploration possibilities.

Coral reef

Of all the islands on this list, this coral reef seed is hands down the most beautiful. After spawning onto a tiny island, dive into the ocean to find the beauties it hides below. Plenty of colorful coral awaits your gaze, alongside the sea creatures that live among it. Swim with the dolphins and tropical fish, uncovering underwater caves all the while. This seed even features a compact land-based ravine on one of the neighboring islands, splitting the two in half, running from end-to-end.

Frozen Shipwreck in an Iceberg Filled Biome

Icebergs have taken of the surrounding area of the island, cresting high into the sky and diving deep below the sea. Once you spawn on the island in this seed, head south to the small white-tipped iceberg. Diving underwater you’ll find a shipwreck embedded in the underside of the larger iceberg beside it. That’s not all you’ll find though. Be sure to keep an eye out for company in the form of some friendly turtle companions.

Badlands Island Chain

The badlands biome has been turned into multiple different islands in this chained seed. While many of the lands that make up these islands, including the spawn point, are small and only filled with red clay, there is still a lot to explore. Journey to the largest of the four isle and you’ll find beautiful views, as its large plateau looks over bountiful lakes. Alongside plenty of clay, the badlands features trees and other resources that will help you craft important materials.

And that does it for our best Minecraft 1.13 Island Seeds!

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