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The Best Destiny Expansions, All 9 Ranked


The Best Destiny Expansions, All 9 Ranked

With the recent release of Destiny 2: Beyond Light, let’s go over and rank Destiny best expansions once again, and see where fan favorite Destiny expansions from The Taken King and Forsaken wind up.

Best Destiny Expansions, Ranked

9. Curse of Osiris

Curse of Osiris, best destiny expansions

It’s painful for me to have to put this one here. I was begging for a Mercury expansion all throughout Destiny 1 purely based on how awesome The Lighthouse looked.

When we finally got one though in Destiny 2, Curse of Osiris was a major disappointment. The location was tiny, the strikes were reused story missions, the raid was smaller, the story was so-so, and the new features, like the Forge and the Infinite Forest, were lackluster. Needless to say it’s not one of the best destiny expansions.

8. The Dark Below

best destiny expansions

The Dark Below was the first expansion for Destiny, and with it, expectations were sky high. The hype was starting to run out for Destiny, and fans wanted something new to take on. The Dark Below, kind of delivered.

For the time, it felt kind of light on content largely because it lacked any new major locations. What didn’t help either is that the raid Crota’s End was very buggy and that led to a lot of frustration. However, compared to Curse of Osiris, The Dark Below was loaded with stuff to do, still needless to say it’s not one of the best destiny expansions.

7. Warmind

warmind, best destiny expansions

Warmind actually would have probably been remembered as a solid expansion by more people if it wasn’t coming at a time where Destiny 2 was reeling. The game needed a huge shakeup, like what Forsaken eventually delivered, and instead players got more of the same.

The story was shockingly short; however, there was a lot of solid post-game content to dig your teeth into including very rewarding exotic quests, new activities like Escalation Protocol, a raid lair, and a new location that was much bigger than Mercury. Again, if critics weren’t looking for something totally different, and more of the same is all fans needed, Warmind would probably rank higher and it’s not one of the best destiny expansions.

6. Shadowkeep

shadowkeep pre-order bonuses

Shadowkeep had the impossible task of trying to follow the incredible Forsaken expansion. Taking place on the Moon and starring Eris Morn, the expansion introduces us to what will likely be the primary antagonist in Destiny in the future, but lacks its own punch.

Shadowkeep features welcome refinements across the board, more exotic quests, raids, strikes and dungeons, all of which were well done. But it also experimented with more radical changes like armor 2.0 which at launch, was quite flawed, but a step in the right direction.

5. Rise of Iron

Destiny Rise of Iron, best destiny expansions

Rise of Iron came out at kind of a weird time in the first game’s lifespan. The Taken King was great, but it was really feeling like a drag by the end of its year long run. Rise of Iron was an oasis for players that stuck with it, but also, a lot of players decided to hang it up and just wait for Destiny 2 at that point as well.

As an expansion, its story content was lacking, but it featured a healthy amount of content for hardcore players such as an excellent new raid, Wrath of the Machine, that ranks among the best, another new cooperative public activity, and interesting new relics that could dramatically change the way you would play your character and it’s one of the best destiny expansions.

4. House of Wolves

best expansions destiny, house of wolves

House of Wolves is by far the best mini-expansion Destiny has seen so far. The expansion went out of its way to experiment with new ideas rather than just heaping the same kind of content onto the pile. Prison of Elders, the series’ take on a horde mode of sorts, was a blast, and it featured an extremely challenging three person encounter, Skolas, which goes down as one of the most satisfying boss fights the series has ever seen.

Considering the price point, and the risks that Bungie took in this one, foregoing a raid for new stuff, the expansion scores some extra points, and gets a boost in our rankings and it’s one of the best destiny expansions.

3. Beyond Light

Beyond Light introduced Stasis and the idea of Darkness subclasses into the world of Destiny 2. While it was a bit of rocky start when it came to balance, Stasis quickly settled into Destiny 2 quite nicely.

Beyond Light also saw the story finally push forward as a cohesive unit rather than fragmented one-off campaigns, and also gave lore hounds a ton of insight into the Fallen. Finally, it added the Deep Stone Crypt, yet another stand out raid experience.

While not necessarily the best expansion, Beyond Light is meaty, introduces one new beautiful area in Europa, and sees the return of the Cosmodrome, and is overall a solid addition.

2. The Taken King

Destiny, best destiny expansions

The Taken King was a series changing expansion that reset the course of the first game. Up until The Taken King, the fanbase was split on whether or it would be a game that they would see themselves playing for the long haul. Although we loved House of Wolves, not every did, and The Dark Below wasn’t that great.

If The Taken King was ill-received, that could been a huge problem for the series. Luckily, it was great though. It added three new, and super fun subclasses, arguably the best raid in the series, and it took place on the Dreadnought, that up until very recently, was the most jam-packed and interesting location and it’s one of the best destiny expansions.

1. Forsaken

Destiny 2 Forsaken

Finally we arrive at the latest, and so-far, greatest Destiny expansion of all time, Forsaken. Forsaken had more pressure on it even than The Taken King. At least, TTK, a solid expansion and a lack of major AAA competition gave the first game some room for error. Forsaken had none of that. AAA game studios have been cranking out major games regularly by the Forsaken was gearing up for release and if spit the bit, the franchise would be in dire straits.

Once again though, Bungie pulled out a game changing expansion with Forsaken. Forsaken featured the series’ best story content, best new endgame area, new supers for each subclass, post-launch secrets that are evolving over time, and the most challenging raid to date. For all those reasons, Forsaken takes the top spot of our list of the best Destiny expansions of all time.

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