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These Adorable Cosplay Dogs Are Truly a Nerd’s Best Friend

dog cosplay


These Adorable Cosplay Dogs Are Truly a Nerd’s Best Friend

These will get your tail wagging.

Pet cosplay is becoming incredibly popular and for obvious reasons. The internet loves animals and it loves cosplay. When those powers are combined, the sheer levels of cuteness are hard to ignore. These are some of the best dogs in cosplay you’ll find around the web.

Sailor Moon Cosplay by Aya 

Vox has become an internet sensation by taking over the Internet with adorable dog cosplays. Vox recently cosplayed as the entire Overwatch cast, except for Orisa.

Mei, Overwatch Cosplay by Vox 

Amaterasu Cosplay by volko-dav 

Mario and Luigi Cosplay by Frikis de Venezuela 

Link, Legend of Zelda Cosplay by Kiba the Cosplay Corgi 

Harley Quinn Cosplay by Willow the Bugg 

Captain America and Thor cosplay by Miko and Lilo 

Harley Quinn Cosplay by Willow the Bugg 

The latest Pokemon Sun and Moon game introduced us to a rather, well, interesting bad guy by the name of Guzma. Now, Guzma’s likeness has been recreated with the help of an adorable four-legged friend. This Guzma dog cosplay is downright adorable and almost makes you forget that Guzma was actually a hilariously confused bad guy who seemed to be hitting a serious mid-life crisis.

Guzma, Pokemon Sun and Moon Cosplay by Blitz 

Nibbler Cosplay by Bella Montalvo 

This cosplay dog had an owner who realized something very important — Menchi has some very fox-like qualities. With that being said, Menchi makes the perfect model for an awesome Star Fox dog cosplay.

Star Fox Cosplay by Menchi 

Naruto Cosplay byRed Keurimja 

Goku and Gohan Cosplay by Killer Kitsch 

Banner The Super Dog is perhaps the most famous cosplay dog there is. Not just because she looks adorable when she’s dressed up as a hero, but because a lot of people truly consider her one. Banner is a cosplay loving service dog that now has her own published book of cosplay photos. According to Banner’s official Facebook page, she works to help bring awareness to invisible disabilities, service dog etiquette and anti-bullying campaigns.

Spider-Gwen Cosplay by Banner 

Harley Quinn, Suicide Squad Cosplay by carolzinha_kk

McCree, Overwatch Cosplay by kileyycat 

Han Solo and Princess Leia Cosplay by MixtoHuevo 

Princess Leia Cosplay by MixtoHuevo 

Umbreon Cosplay By Kyuteapie 

Koromaru Cosplay by Jinro 

Captain America Cosplay by Wally the Welsh Corgi 

Naruto Cosplay by Sidekick Cosplay

Rocket Raccoon and Groot, Guardians of the Galaxy Cosplay by lightwingstorm

Cubone cosplay by Teddy

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