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30 of the Rarest Limited Edition Consoles

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30 of the Rarest Limited Edition Consoles

Good luck finding any of these.

Rare Limited Edition Gaming Consoles

Here are 30 of the rarest limited edition consoles that you probably haven’t even seen. These are the creme de la creme of rare and would go for quite a ton if you happened to have your hands on one, by the way.

Licensed games based on movies rarely hit a home run, and this Men in Black Limited Edition PlayStation isn’t taking any “best in show” prizes home, either. It isn’t known how many of these consoles were released, but no doubt they are rare.

Sony’s original PlayStation is one of the best-selling consoles of all time. In order to commemorate the first 10 Million units sold, Sony released a limited-run black version of their console.

The PlayStation 2 did away with the classic gray of the original console and produced their second console in black. When Gran Turismo Prologue launched 2002, a limited-edition ceramic white console was released.

This special edition PlayStation 3 was dipped in 24-karat gold by They produced 5 of these consoles which sold for $5000 each.

Only one of these Atari-branded Xboxes were produced, making it extremely rare. The console pictured here was given away at the Leipzig Game Convention in 2004.

In order to celebrate the launch of Beatles Rockband and raise some money for Doctors Without Borders, Harmonix produced and auctioned off 50 of these special edition Xbox 360s.

Only 20 of these limited-edition Xbox 360s were produced to celebrate the release of the Spartan movie, 300.

Recently, Taco Bell has joined forces with PlayStation for exclusive giveaways. However, in Canada in 2012, Taco Bell ran an exclusive contest for this purple Xbox 360 slim. Winners also received a copy of Halo 4.

Microsoft has since released a retail version of the white console, but anyone who wanted one prior to its release had to have worked on the development of the console itself. This special-edition Xbox One console features a white finish with a decal on the front stating “I made this.”

Only 10,000 of the 11 million Sega Game Gear units sold feature this white color scheme. This special edition console came in a white case and featured a white television tuner.

The Sega Saturn had a myriad of color options available, at least in Japan: white, grey, black, charcoal, and light grey.  The coolest option, however is the “This is Cool” Sega Saturn, which featured a translucent smoke casing and matching controller.

This pinkish, translucent console is the second of the Resident Evil CODE: Veronica consoles to launch. This one isn’t quite as rare as the STARS edition, but there were still only 1200 produced.

Maziora paint is the sparkling paint that is most often used to add a bit of pizzazz to a car. Sega used it to make a Dreamcast look like a mood ring. This special edition console only saw 500 units released into the wild.

The original Famicom featured a red and white color design, and Nintendo brought that same design to the Game Boy Advance SP Famicom Color. Only 3000 of these were made, and they were given away by Club Nintendo.

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