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25 Best Co Op Games on Steam


25 Best Co Op Games on Steam


Far Cry 5 allows you and a friend to explore the rural countryside of Montana with helicopters, wingsuits, and grenade launchers. The weapons are handy for the cult that has overtaken the small towns and turned them into outposts, and the animals that do not like any humans from stepping onto their turf.

Warframe is free-to play and offers plenty of hours of parkouring ninjas with fantastical weaponry. The game has plenty of characters to play as with different abilities, such as turning invisible or setting everything in the nearby vicinity on fire.


While Left 4 Dead 2 has AI companions, it is better to play with real people. You will need it when hordes of zombies surround your character, fill your screen, and you’re emptying magazine after magazine of assault rifle ammo. Also when you need to know where pills are.


Portal 2 is a delightful puzzle game that expands on the original with more tools. Another player in the mix does not add to the confusion either with smart co-op features and puzzles that are tailor-made for two players.


Warhammer: Vermintide 2 is Left 4 Dead but with melee weapons. The four-player co-op lets you choose from five heroes, each with three skill trees to spec in and offering different ways to cut down the enemy.

Killing Floor 2 combines gore and metal music with an expanded perk system and plenty of weapons in this sequel. The wave-based survival game allows up to six players to work together and destroy zombies and bosses in horrifying, bloody ways.

Terraria may look like a Minecraft-like clone with pixel art, but offers plenty of content with huge bosses, multiple environments, weird weaponry, and plenty of surprises. There may be harvesting resources and crafting tools, but there is also dungeon-crawling which is much better to do with friends.

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