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The Best Looking Clothes in The Division

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The Best Looking Clothes in The Division

Dress to impress.

[showhide]The Division has a lot of clothing to choose from. More than anyone would have probably expected. Trying to pick out the perfect articles of clothing can be a bit challenging, especially since you have to actually put them on in order to see how they look. There are some true gems hidden among all of that cloth, and wearing these will make everyone jealous of your dress skills.

Even though it’s winter in The Division you have over a hundred different hats, shirts, jackets, shoes, and scarfs. The large mix of items across the board adds an extra layer of fine tuning to the Agent you want to create. Pick their guns, their skills, and even the clothes so that you can be memorable to every single person who’s path you cross in the game.

Of course, clothes aren’t so easily obtained in The Division. If you want any of the items that are shown in this gallery you’ll have to put in quite a bit of legwork. There are several ways to earn these articles over time. You can help survivors on the street during your travels by giving them one of your consumables, this almost always drops a clothing item. Or you can purchase them after getting the Supply Line upgrade for your Security Wing. Other than that, random drops are your only option. [/showhide]

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