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The Force is Strong with These 18 Custom Star Wars Consoles & PCs

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The Force is Strong with These 18 Custom Star Wars Consoles & PCs

Darth Vader’s TIE Advanced Nintendo 64

This custom Nintendo 64 represents one of the most iconic scenes from the original Star Wars trilogy, in which Darth Vader’s own TIE fighter gets blown into space. This photograph would have worked better with the Rogue Leader or Shadows of the Empire cartridge, though.

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TIE Fighter PC and Desk Combo

Now this is something that I want in my house. Not only does this TIE fighter work as a fully functioning PC case, but it doubles as a desk, too.

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AT-AT Gamecube

This Gamecube looks like it’s come straight out of Star Wars: Rogue Squadron II. I love how the disc tray is tucked away at the side. Unmodified, those Wavebird controllers could probably pass for spaceships from Star Wars!

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R2-D2 Laptob-Style PlayStation 4 (Playbook 4)

Eddie Zarick has created a really awesome custom PlayStation 4 that looks just like a laptop. What better way to display this cool piece of technology than with an R2-D2 finish!


BB-8 Laptop-Style Xbox One (Xbook One)

And here is the Xbox One version, this time with a skin that matches BB-8.

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Star Wars Wii

The exterior of this Wii with a Star Wars makeover is really cool, but the real treat is what has been done with the disc drive; the orange LED is the icing on the cake.

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Boba Fett SNES

Although he doesn’t have much screen time in episode V and VI, Boba Fett definitely has a few hardcore fans. If you’re a hardcore fan of both Boba Fett and the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, then you’re bound to enjoy this custom-built console, complete with Slave I.

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Don’t be fooled by its appearance, this isn’t an officially licensed Star Wars collectable – it’s actually a PC that has been custom-built by a fan. The craftsmanship on this one is outstanding.

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Millenium Falcon Xbox

You can’t have a list of custom-made Star Wars consoles without an appearance from the Millenium Falcon. If that disc tray wasn’t poking out, you probably wouldn’t be able to tell that this is an Xbox.

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Black Millenium Falcon Xbox

This one’s a bit more obvious about the fact that it is a custom-built Xbox. What’s cool about this console is that it blends the design of the Xbox with its Star Wars inspiration, creating a mash-up of the two.

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R2-D2 Xbox 360

The official R2-D2 Star Wars Xbox 360 is cool and all, but it’s no where near as cool as this one made by a fan. It’s literally just a 1:1 scale R2-D2 with an Xbox 360’s innards, and that’s damn awesome.

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This R2-D2-themed PSP is fairly simple – it’s merely a white PSP with some blue buttons – but that’s what’s so cool about it. Just from the colors alone, you’d be able to tell that the design was inspired by R2-D2; that’s how iconic the little droid is in pop culture.

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Imperial Star Destroyer PC

This one is really impressive. A fan managed to create a custom casing for a PC using the design of the Imperial Star Destroyer. Its sides light up and everything.

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Millenium Falcon NES

It’s not just the Xbox that saw some Millenium Falcon love, the NES did too. Loving that Star Wars cart.

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Snowspeeder SNES

Not the most iconic vehicle of the Star Wars universe, but still fairly recognizable. If I owned both this Snowspeeder SNES and the AT-AT GameCube, I’d definitely make them fight each other.

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R2-D2 PlayStation

I know this PlayStation is based off of R2-D2, but to me it looks like something that could have broken off of the wall in the Imperial Star Destroyer from Episode IV. It looks like it could be the controls for the stormtroopers’ ventilation system, or something.

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Star Wars Nintendo 64

Not all custom consoles have to be reshaped into Star Wars spaceships or droids. This Nintendo 64 just features some sweet art work from the films, and would suit any Star Wars fan.

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Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite PC

This one is pretty freaking funny. I recommend installing this mod to your PC case if you want to channel your inner Jubba the Hutt.

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Rebel Alliance and Imperial Army Switch Joy-Con Grips

And for a bonus, let’s look at some custom controllers. Here are some neat custom Joy-Con grips that feature the insignias of the Rebel Alliance and Imperial Army.

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Luke Skywalker, Kylo Ren and Rey PS4 Controller

Lastly, we have this… thing? I can respect the artistry on this one, I really can, but I’m not sure if anyone would feel comfortable prodding Luke’s face on the touch pad to use a skill in Star Wars Battlefront.

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