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15 Xbox One Games That’ll Last You the Whole Summer Drought

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15 Xbox One Games That’ll Last You the Whole Summer Drought

Jump in for some summer fun.

D4 isn’t your typical game, forcing you to be aware and rely almost completely on Quick Time Events (QTE), but this Xbox One console exclusive is sure to pique your interest for a t least a few hours during the summer drought.

Dead Rising 3 was one of the first Xbox One exclusives released. What better way to get through a summer devoid of blockbusters than by killing literally thousands of the living dead?

Console players can only experience the thrilling space action of Elite Dangerous on the Xbox One. While you wait on the major releases from the fall, you can definitely kick back and rule the stars.

Driving around is a good way to pass the time, so why not do so in one of the premier racing games?

Perhaps circuit racing isn’t your thing, and you like a bit more freedom. Forza Horizon 2 may the perfect Xbox One Exclusive for you then. With a huge open world and tons of vehicles, your summer will race on by.

Halo is the flagship series of Xbox, and for good reason. If you’ve never played the series, or just need an excuse to revisit this beloved franchise, the summer drought is possibly the best excuse there is.
After you’re all done with the first games, you’d be doing yourself a disservice not jumping into the newest Halo which is exclusive to the Xbox One. The Warzone multiplayer mode is more than enough of a reason to dive in.

Summer can be dead for video games for not only you, but your friends as well. So why not pick up a simple, yet highly addictive futuristic, arena game that’s all pixelated? We knew you couldn’t resist.

While technically only a timed exclusive, there is no other home console that will allow you to play Lara Croft’s latest, and greatest, adventure. Xbox One has you covered on all your tomb raiding needs.

Perhaps you’ve passed over Quantum Break because of all the big releases over the past few months and you weren’t sure what to make of Remedy’s newest Xbox One exclusive. The summer Drought is the perfect time to experience the latest in immersive storytelling. Just remember, time is power.

When Insomniac decided to develop an Xbox One exclusive many fans were on the fence. Fortunately, the studio put all the tricks it learned into the game and came up with a frantic, incredibly fun, over-the-top, open-world game that can easily eat up your entire summer.

With Gears of War 4 heading to the Xbox One later this year, why not revisit where it all began?

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