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10 Best PS4 Themes From October 2018

PS4 themes

10 Best PS4 Themes From October 2018

Best PS4 Themes From October 2018

The spooky season has conjured some awesome PS4 themes to download and enjoy. There have also been plenty non-Halloween inspired designs that are noteworthy, too. Here we’re recapping the best PS4 themes from October 2018.

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In case you didn’t know (very likely), Twinfinite has its HQ in Miami. So yeah, we *really* love this one for obvious reasons. But bias aside, the pixel design and soundtrack is totally awesome in this Miami Drive Retro theme.

It’s spooky season, so of course, we were going to include a fair few Halloween design. Sure, the Oct. 31 has come and gone, but who only rocks their pumpkin for one night, seriously? We’re ok with rocking this Scary Pumpkin theme well into November.

If you can’t get enough of pumpkins this Halloween then you’ll certainly appreciate the Abominable Pumpkin Head theme.

This theme has a nice mix of urban-cool-factor and a creepy sort of Halloween vibe. The Protected Dynamic Theme is by Populas Media.

Resonance of Fate fans had a bit of a treat in the form of a free 4K/HD PS4 theme last month, so definitely don’t miss out if that’s your cup of tea.

Anime and cute go hand in hand, and how adorable is Akemi the Cat Waitress? Come on, coach… PS4 themes.

Enjoying Black Ops 4 as much as us? Thought so! Here’s a cool theme to celebrate the game’s launch, and it’s totally free. One of the best PS4 themes this month, for sure.

We absolutely adored Red Dead Redemption 2 in our review. Truly one of the best games of the generation and one that will live long in the memory, so what better way to immortalize it than with a free PS4 theme?

Every month we bring you the best PS4 themes, and every month that includes some whacky cat-lovers theme. Usually one with lasers and flying cats, or a mixture of both. So here you go – I give you Cat Invaders.

There are no shortage of Japanese zen garden themes out there, but we think this one is among the best yet. There aren’t too many with a night time theme, and the colors here really pop. Of course, there’s a suitably tranquil melody playing in the background.

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