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10 Best PS4 Themes From May 2019


10 Best PS4 Themes From May 2019

Another month, another batch of excellent PS4 themes to personalize your PlayStation home screen with. Here we’re running through the 10 best PS4 themes from May 2019 that we think are deserved of a spot on your console, so let’s dive right in.

For those jazzed about the release of one of 2019’s most terrifying games, there’s a suitably spooky Layers of Fear 2 dynamic theme –and it’s free, too!

It would be easy to mistake the 4k Amazing Cyber City as the work of a cyberpunk artist, but this is actually Shanghai in all its neon-soaked glory.

A slightly sinister but cool-looking theme, is Forbidden.

4k Memorial Day has been and gone, but for those to whom it means so much, this theme is still worth a download. And there’s always next year…

The 4k Landscape Eagle theme is a stunning photograph, and the music is also superb.

The Panther Rage theme is just a damn cool bit of art.

The Cybernetic Soldier not only looks badass but the backing music is also funky as hell — highly recommended.

Believe it or not, as far as HiQ’s crazy cat themes go, the Monster Laser isn’t actually that outlandish, but we’re loving the music this month, so it’s still worth the download if this is your thing.

The wonderous aesthetic of Figment caught our imagination and delighted us with its gameplay, and now there’s a Figment Dynamic Theme to celebrate the game’s arrival on PS4.

Ok, so Game of Thrones didn’t end the way most of us wanted it to, but I think most can agree that overall, it’s still a show worth celebrating, and sending off in a fitting way. The Game of Thrones Dynamic Dragon is on hand for just that, and it’s totally free.

That does it for our list of the best PS4 themes from May 2019. If you enjoyed the content, why not check out our picks from April and March –they’re still just as good now as they were then!

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