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10 Best PS4 Themes From January 2018


10 Best PS4 Themes From January 2018

PS4 themes are a vital aspect to the PlayStation community. From the best to the worst, they spruce up an otherwise boring background of muted colors and low hums. Indeed, they are one of the first things users experience after a long, hard day of work and are arguably as integral to the overall experience of enjoying games on PS4 as the console’s software lineup.

In this list you’ll be able to find the best PS4 themes for the month of January 2018. Rest assured that not all of them display images of the universe or vast spirals in the deepest corners of space. Rather, each has been hand-picked so as to reflect a broader range of tastes (though admittedly each must possess a certain “cool” factor).

Whether from well-established PlayStation consoles or the product of complete imagination, each entry here is easy on the eyes. Seeing as how the PlayStation Store updates every Tuesday, there’ll be no shortage of great themes coming in the near future, though what exactly we may get remains up in the air.

Thankfully you have us to do all the work of clicking through page after page for you. PS4 themes may look appealing in their thumbnail images but oftentimes display a much less desirable product once you see it on motion on your television screen at home. There are many that are worth the usual $2.99 investment, however, and as you’ll see below, each is practically a steal given how much satisfaction you’ll get from guests ogling at your PS4 when they come over.

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