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10 Best PS4 Themes From August 2018

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10 Best PS4 Themes From August 2018

Destiny Free Cayde-6 Dynamic Theme

Planet Alpha

Hipster Laser Cat


Chinatown Alley

Akane the Lady Shinobi

Amai the Rogue Samurai

Dark Planet

Winter Barbarian

Free Spider-Man Theme

Timed quite deliberately with the release of Destiny 2’s new Forsaken expansion, fans of the game can check out this awesome Cayde-6 Dynamic Theme. Best of all? It’s totally free!

This dynamic theme is extraordinarily beautiful. Part sci-fi, part whacky fantasy, gawping Planet Alpha

Cat lovers, you know I never forget you! And this little kitty is sassy af. Those glasses aren’t just for show, ya know —they help focus her laser eyes… of course. She ain’t called the Hipster Laser Cat for nothing.

And… one more for the cat lovers. This time something even more destructive —a cutesy hand-drawn city getting destroyed by not-so-cutesy hand-drawn kitties. Totally Cat-a-strophic, man!

There haven’t been too many cyberpunky themes recently, but this one neon-soaked Chinatown Alley will do nicely, thank you very much.

We’ve had ninjas, we’ve had cherry blossums blowing in the wind, and we’ve had awesome comic-book-like art before, but Akane the Lady Shinobi is a glorious combo of all three. Better yet, there’s a chilled chill-hop beat (Academy’ by Vz Up) playing in the background.

From the same artist, Amai the Rogue Samurai rolls together the same glorious aesthetic and packs an equally sweet chill-hop beat (ZWD X Rainy’ by Low Gravity Beats).

Planetary themes are nothing new but the Dark Planet has a wonderfully somber tone to it that it’s actually really relaxing and somewhat entrancing to behold.

Winter is coming! The Winter Barbarian is one mega bad-ass, and he’s serenaded by a suitably full-on tune.

Spidey is getting top-notch review scores and fever is at an all-time peak, so you’ll probably be wanting to grab the Free Spider-Man Theme.

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