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10 Best PS4 Themes From November 2018


10 Best PS4 Themes From November 2018

Best PS4 Themes From November 2018

The game releases have really stepped-up as we move into the holidays season, and so there has been some particularly cool PS4 themes released this November. Here we’re recapping the best of them, including static and dynamic images.

If you enjoy this list, check out the previous month here, or our top 40 picks for the best PS4 themes of all time.

The Annihilation of the Planet

Every month there are dozens of space-themed, er, themes release on the PS Store, but the annihilation of the planet one of the best designs we’ve seen in a while.

Space Cat

The cat themes seem to get weirder each month, and we’re totally ok with that. This Space Cat needs a home on your PS4!

Lantern Festival

The Chinese Lantern Festival are typically in February, but hey, we’ll still take this gorgeous PS4 theme in November. This is serene and tranquil one for those that prefer a more mellow background.

Glitched Turkey Theme

Ok, so Thanksgiving might be done and dusted by this Glitched Turkey Theme is too cool — and hey, there’s always Christmas day for this to still feel relevant. This dynamic theme glitches out at random intervals to give it a video-gamey feel.

Synthwave Eclipse

If you’re all about those funky retro beats and handlebar mustaches then the Synthwave Eclipse theme might be for you. As you’d expect, there are some suitably rockin’ beats playing in the background.

Cyberpunk City

Finally, Cyberpunk returns in a big way to the lineup this month. Cyberpunk City’s aesthetic hits the genre’s quintessential tropes on the head without going too overboard. There’s a suitable sci-fi track playing in the background, too.

Tetris Effect

If you haven’t played Tetris Effect and you have PSVR, then you should probably do something about that — it’s easily one of the best VR experiences out there. This dynamic theme changes up your background in a way that’ll feel as though you’ve never taken the headset off — which could either be super dreamy or a total nightmare depending on your last game session!

NBA Teams

Fans of the NBA will appreciate a whole stack of team themes that hit the PS Store this November. The entire roster is there so you can pick your favorite. We’ve gone for Miami Heat because that’s how we roll at Twinfinite.

4K Mountains

It’s nice to mix-up the theme selection with some IRL images, and what better subject matter than these gorgeous mountains, captured in stunning 4K.

Minefield: Christmas Night

You could take a step further with this dynamic theme, which is a recording of snowfall across a dim lit street — very appropriate for the season.

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