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10 Best PS4 Themes From March 2018


10 Best PS4 Themes From March 2018

A super peaceful and relaxing PS4 theme, the Mystic Tree Dynamic Theme is a real visual treat. If you’re the sort of gamer that keeps their console switched on in the background, this is one gorgeous artistic display to enjoy, and it’s got some equally harmonious music and menu sounds to boot.

March is Springtime, and that means Cherry Blossom season in Japan. What better way to celebrate that beauty than with the Cherry Blossom Lake Dynamic Theme. It really is stunningly gorgeous, and there’s a pleasant oriental tune to listen to as you enjoy its artistic composition too.

International woman’s day might have been and gone, but you can still pick up the awesome free theme. This awesome stylized image is a compilation of PlayStation’s most kick-ass female protagonists from some of the system’s most iconic franchises. Definitely don’t sleep on this PS4 theme.

If you’re a fan of Devil May Cry, you can pick up a free theme in celebration of the upcoming HD Collection. Dante looks every bit as cool as he did back in 2001.

Aw, it’s a cute little kitty. Wrong! It’s a spawn of satan that’s obliterating entire cities under the crushing weight of its itsy-bitsy paws. Muhaha! Cat owners will find the Cat-a-strophic 2 – Dynamic PS4 Theme one particularly amusing.

Fans of cyberpunk will absolutely love this one. Welcome to Cyber City is the sort of decadent neon-fest that defines this sub-genre of science fiction, complete with torrential rain and flying cars in the background. Oh, and yes, there’s an appropriate synth track to go along with it.

Another theme to get you in a Spring mood, the Japanese Sparrow Castle Dynamic PS4 Theme is super tranquil, stylized with a traditional watercolor aesthetic.

This 80s inspired theme has to be heard as well as seen to be enjoyed. The background music of the 80’s Style Tropical Sunrise Theme is seriously poppin’, reminiscent of Hotline Miami with its awesome retro-synth vibes.

The Jellyfish Depths HiQ Dynamic Theme has a peaceful aquatic vibe to it that transforms your menu screen into a Jellyfish tank. The creatures are well animated and the background music has a placid tone to it.

One for the retro gamers out there, the16-bit Bundle packs eight different dynamic PS4 themes that are pure pixelated awesomeness, complemented by some nifty chip tune tracks.

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