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10 Best PS4 Themes From July 2018

PS4 Themes July 2018

10 Best PS4 Themes From July 2018

Japanese gardens often the subject of chilled dynamic PS4 themes, but we think we’ve found a real winner here with the Sakura Paradise Chillax. Love the vibrant art and tranquil sound design.

We normally like a bit more than just an image for our favorite themes of the month, but this Demon Wolf is such a great bit of art we couldn’t resist. The whole single red eye makes it look like a canine Terminator —the type that would eat Arnie for breakfast. PS4 Themes.

Normally, we like to try and bring you one dystopian/cyberpunk theme each month, but July was void of any good futuristic cities. What we have instead, though, is something equally kick-ass sci-fi. The The Core of the Abandoned Spaceship is super eerie, and it’s got a retro aesthetic and color paleatte that reminds us of Axiom Verge.

Motorbike fans don’t often get interesting themes on their favorite hobby, but Super Bike Showcase theme gives them some eye candy as a sweet backdrop.

The Into the Unknown dynamic theme has a synthwave/futuristic flavor that sci-fi fans will surely appreciate. PS4 Themes.

Wicked Teddy might just be the most disturbing image we’ve ever seen as a PS4 theme, but we so can’t get enough of that evil grin. PS4 Themes.

Cat lovers, you know we weren’t going to forget you. TheCat’s Dream dynamic theme is actually super sweet. You don’t have to be at mad to appreciate this one. PS4 Themes.

Space themes are plentiful on the PSN store, but the image isn’t the only thing awesome aboutTo Infinity and Beyond. This theme has some seriously great music.

A gorgeous imaganing of the cosmos in Moon of the Planet X.

How are there not more underwater-themed backgrounds on the PSN store? Yes, there are Clown Fish swimming about in Charming Sea Depths for the Nemo fans out there. PS4 Themes

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