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10 Best PS4 Themes From February 2019

PS4 themes

10 Best PS4 Themes From February 2019

February was a great month for best PS4 themes, with some excellent new designs launching that make for perfect console backdrops. Let’s jump in!

Best New PS4 Themes February 2019

Since the US store was denied the cool International Woman’s day background the EU store got, you should check out this awesome beauty and the Katana background instead. A suitably badass female protagonist wielding a sword. Hell yeah!

The 80s vibe has been revived in a big way over the past few years, and we can’t get enough of this awesome 1980’s Retro City dynamic theme.

This gorgeous medieval town scene has a lovely hand-painted, fantasy aesthetic. The Full Moon Town is one of my personal favorites this month.

The Mystic Forest Parallax PS4 theme: serene picture has a calming quality that is exactly what you’ll want to see after rage quitting a game of Apex Legends.

Rather than the full-on neon glow of conventional cyberpunk, the Cyber District background has a gritty look to it that’s more reminiscent of Blade Runner, which I like very much.

Oo, who doesn’t love a bit of funky synthwave? Not me, I tell you. The Synthwave Track will have you wishing Far Cry Blood Dragon was available on PS4. Damn you, Ubisoft — make it happen!

It wouldn’t be a month of best PS4 themes without something for the cat lovers. Cat the Astronaut is every bit as around the bend crazy as you can expect from this article’s monthly cat theme selection.

The Sunset Horizon has to be one of the coolest pieces of art we’ve featured in months. I’ll take the theme, a t-shirt, and a wall-sized poster, please!

The Dynamic Death King is certainly… dynamic. There’s a lot going on here; it’s a very busy theme. It’s a cool piece of artwork that really pops from the screen.

Something calming for the stargazers among us. The Star Valley is a chilled out background with a lovely color palette.

That does it for our list of best PS4 themes in February 2019. For more similar content, check out the previous two months, here and here.

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