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10 Best PS4 Themes From April 2019

PS4 themes

10 Best PS4 Themes From April 2019

10 February PS4 Themes Best for Your Console in April 2019

Each month we recap the best PS4 themes of the month, so let’s dive in. If you enjoy the content then check out our previous months, March and February.

The dancing skeleton, robot, and knight theme is a bit of a laugh, and it’s something a bit different from your typical dynamic PS4 themes. There’s quirky music, too, of course…

It’s called the 4K Amazing Cyber City with 80s Music Dynamic Theme, and need we say more? Fans of the genre really appreciate these sorts of PS4 themes, I would imagine.

Spring is the perfect time to celebrate the beauty of Japanese nature, and the 4K Amazing Japanese Sakura Garden Dynamic Theme is exactly what it says on the tin.

The Apocalypse City HiQ Dynamic Theme features some of the best artwork on this month’s top 10. The eerie and moody post-apocalyptic setting is seriously cool.

What a cool premise the Cyborg vs Samurai Dynamic Theme is for a PS4 themes, right? Who would your money be on, the futuristic cyborg or the seasoned kendo master?

This month’s free theme is courtesy of the folks at Sony Santa Monica as they celebrate God of War’s one-year anniversary with the God of War – Your Journey Awaits Dynamic Theme.

We see plenty of fantasy and cyberpunk themes, so it’s nice to see a steampunk theme in the mix –and what a good one the theme Age of Steam HiQ Dynamic Theme is, too!

You didn’t think I was going to forget about you did you, crazy laser-cat lovers? As usual, the madness continues with the Laser Cat Invaders Dynamic Theme. This one has some particularly stirring dubstep, too.

But if you are looking for more cyberpunk then we’ve got you covered. The Cyber Punks City Dynamic Theme isn’t from the same artist we typically plug here, and 70 Times 7 has put their own cool spin on a moody cyberpunk backdrop that’s well worth checking out.

If you want to give Telltale’s iconic The Walking Dead series a proper send off then check out The Walking Dead Collection – The Telltale Series – Theme.

That does it for the best PS4 themes from April 2019.

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