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10 of the Best Playstation 4 Exclusive Titles so Far


10 of the Best Playstation 4 Exclusive Titles so Far

The best of what’s offered.


It feels not long ago that the PlayStation 4 was officially announced at an event in February 2013 and released later that year. Two years have now passed, and the PlayStation 4 now has a good sized library of exclusive titles that include remastered fan favourites, past series making the jump and brand new experiences.

For the people who are new to the PlayStation 4, whether you picked one up in a Black Friday sale or it’s going to be a Christmas present, here are the best games exclusive to the PlayStation 4 that you should have in your collection.


Bloodborne on PlayStation 4

From Software started off their string of dark and difficult action RPGs on the PlayStation 3 with Demon Souls, which was exclusive to the Sony platform. The two Dark Souls games moved to being on each major platform and were very well-praised.

In early 2015, From Software went a slight different route with the release of Bloodborne exclusively on PlayStation 4. The game is set in a Victorian-era city called Yharnam, and includes a slightly different approach to the combat. While the enemies will still challenge you and fit the fictional world From Software has created, you will have access to a firearm in your left arm and a melee weapon in your right. You will have to be slightly more aggressive with your attacks, but like previous From Software games, too much recklessness will get you slaughtered.

Bloodborne is currently the third highest rated exclusive on Metacritic with a rating of 92. Bloodborne is the perfect choice for people who are looking for a big challenge.

Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture

Everybody's Gone To The Rapture

It is safe to say that Everybody’s Gone To Rapture is different to Bloodborne in just about every way, but what it tries to do, it does very well.

The game was created by UK developer The Chinese Room, who are known for Dear Esther and Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs. Set in the English countryside of Shropshire, you explore a deserted village and surrounding areas, trying to piece together the story of what has happened. The scenery is beautiful and the soundtrack that plays in the background.

Rapture was released last summer on the PlayStation store, and is a great choice if you are looking for an experience that is slow-paced and doesn’t involve killing countless enemies.

inFAMOUS: Second Son

Infamous: Second Son

InFAMOUS was a popular series that started on the PlayStation 3, with the first two games following protagonist Cole MacGrath. It’s no surprise that within the first year of the PlayStation 4, the series gained a new addition.

Second Son is a third person action-adventure game that takes place in a fictional representation of Seattle. You play as a new protagonist named Delsin Rowe, and like the previous games, you will be climbing buildings and using cool superpowers. One of the best parts about inFAMOUS is that you can either become good or evil depending on your choices, and this can affect your ending.

Seattle isn’t a common location in video games, and it is difficult not to enjoy being a superhero or supervillain.



The hit indie game Journey from Thatgamecompany is a must for your PlayStation 4 collection, especially if you haven’t played the game on the PlayStation 3.

The idea behind the game is in the name, the game takes you on a journey through a desert. The developers chose to tell a story through the world and your own gameplay rather than through a set narrative, leaving it up to your own interpretation depending on how you play. You can join with other unknown players on their journey, but you can easily lose them again.

You can also buy and play Flower on the PS4, another interesting game by Thatgamecompany.

The Last of Us Remastered

The Last of Us Remastered, PlayStation 4,

Like Journey, this game was first released on the PlayStation 3, and what a game it was. The Last of Us was the game of the year for many people, even with the competition including Grand Theft Auto V. A year after its first release, Naughty Dog and Sony came out with a remastered version for the PlayStation 4.

For those that don’t know yet, The Last of Us is a third person action-adventure game from the creators of the Uncharted series, that takes place in an infection riddled America. You have to battle through a variety of infected humans, as well as enemy groups with a story that is tense and gripping.

The main difference between this version and the PlayStation 3 release is the improved graphics and frame rate. Also included is The Last of Us: Left Behind single player DLC, which was also well-received by critics and fans.



Resogun was one of the first games released on the PlayStation 4, becoming playable within a month of the new console being sold. It is also one of the cheapest games on the list.

The game is a shoot-em-up that occurs on what can be described as a side scrolling cylinder, with a variety of voxel enemies trying to stop you. The levels are colourful, the gameplay is fast, and the soundtrack fits perfectly with the rest of the game.

While it isn’t as critically acclaimed as some of the options on the list, Housemarque created a game where everything works well together. It is also a different experience compared to the majority of exclusive games on the PS4.

Until Dawn

Until Dawn on PlayStation 4

Horror games may not be everyone’s cup of tea but for those who like the genre, Until Dawn would be a great addition to your collection.

The game released in the summer of 2015, being developed by Suppermassive Games. The decisions that you make have a big effect on the game, and there are multiple endings that you can end up getting. Not many similar games are replayable like this without being an open world RPG.

It has been likened to Heavy Rain in terms of the decision-making and the cinematics, which makes the difference compared to other games in the genre.

Sound Shapes

Sound Shapes on PlayStation 4

Originally released on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita in 2012, Sound Shapes also became one of the launch titles for the PlayStation 4. There are not many games like it on the consoles.

Sound Shapes is a side scrolling platformer that affects the music playing in the background. It is a fairly simple game, but it is the experience of the changing music while you progress through that makes it a must have. There is also the chance to create your own levels and play ones made by others, which can be just as good as the ones created by the developer.

There are also some official songs for the game by Deadmau5, which fit very well.

Tearaway: Unfolded

Tearaway Unfolded on PlayStation 4

Media Molecule created a unique series on the PlayStation 3 with LittleBigPlanet being popular among owners. Their next game was Tearaway for the PlayStation Vita, and this year they have released an enhanced version on the PlayStation 4.

It has a similar feel to LittleBigPlanet with it looking hand-crafted and colorful. The player is tasked with saving the paper world from enemies while also interacting with the world. It runs smoothly, and uses the features of the DualShock controller well.

The original game on the PlayStation Vita had a Metacritic rating of 87%, while it is slightly lower for the PlayStation 4 version. It is different enough that if you have already played the previous version, it is still worth trying on the big screen.

Uncharted Nathan Drake Collection

Uncharted Collection on PlayStation 4

Yes, this is another remastered release from Naughty Dog, but when it includes all Uncharted single player campaigns improved for the PlayStation 4, it makes it very difficult to say no.

Each one of the three games follows Nathan Drake on adventures around the globe, hunting for long-lost treasure with the help of other great characters. Of course, there are enemies that try to stop you, so expect some third-person combat in between your exploration. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves won many Game of the Year awards in 2009, while its sequel, Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, was also at least nominated for many awards.

This holiday season would be a great time to purchase and play the Uncharted trilogy on the PlayStation 4, even if it won’t be your first playthrough, as Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is set to release in March 2016.

What do you think of the list? Have any games you would have added in? Let us know in the comments below!

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