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Community Guidelines

Twinfinite loves its readers and encourages everyone that visits any of our articles to participate in the discussion! We want to hear what you think, and interact with you any way that we can.

Let’s lay down some ground rules, though. You can’t just say whatever you want here, especially when what you’re saying isn’t contributing anything, and instead just getting personal and nasty.

Below are some things that you can do to get your comment deleted, and potentially banned from commenting on Twinfinite. Please avoid doing any of this stuff because we like you and want you to voice yourself in our articles.

Your post will be deleted for:

  • General insults
  • Insulting, derogatory, or vulgar comments
  • Spam and trolling
  • Spoilers

You will be banned for:

  • Racism and racial slurs
  • Sexism and sexist language
  • LGBTQ discrimination and anti-LGBTQ slurs
  • Religious discrimination
  • Hate speech and hateful insults
  • Threats of violence
  • Pornographic content
  • Links to sites that distribute pirated material
  • Repeat offenses in any category eligible for deletion

All comment moderation is left to the discretion of Twinfinite’s moderators and staff.

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