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Why Is the Destiny 2 Reaper Mod Disabled? Answered

Destiny 2
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Why Is the Destiny 2 Reaper Mod Disabled? Answered

No more reaping — for now.

As a live-service game, Destiny 2 is no stranger to having its fair share of issues during a patch or release. While the issues are normally probably related to Telesto, this isn’t always the case. In fact, sometimes Bungie has to disable weapons, exotics, or in this case, the Reaper Mod. But why is the Destiny 2 Reaper Mod disabled? Read on to find out.

Why Is The Reaper Mod Disabled In Destiny 2?

Mods can make or break a build, and the Reaper mod was one that would cause players to generate an Orb of Power after scoring a kill following the use of their class ability. Normally, this can only happen so often, so players would only be able to make use of the Orb of Power whenever their class ability was available.

However, some clever players figured out an exploit in PvP where they would be able to use the Reaper mod to generate many more Orbs of Power than intended. They did this by moving towards the center of the map — especially on those such as Javelin-4 — and would equip and unequip the mod, which would allow them to keep spawning Orbs of Power.

This of course, could be done in a coordinated fireteam, which causes all of the members to be able to rapidly charge their Supers, especially if all of them were using this glitch. To circumvent this, the mod was temporarily disabled, and should be back in business once the issue is worked out.

Players Can Try Out Other Builds For Now

In the meantime, Guardians are able to utilize any of the other mods to help flesh out their builds, and with the new loadouts system, they can easily switch between them depending on their needs. However, they will just have to live with the Reaper mod being disabled in Destiny 2 for now.

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