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Who Wrote Attack on Titan? Answered

Attack on Titan official promotional art.
Image Credit: MAPPA

Who Wrote Attack on Titan? Answered

Wait, it’s not Eren?

Attack on Titan has become one of the most popular modern anime series, with countless fans throughout the globe. Besides having a great animation that impresses many viewers, the series also features a complex narrative and memorable characters. For those of you who wonder who wrote Attack on Titan, this article can answer that question for you.

Who Is the Author of Attack on Titan? Answered

Hajime Isayama is the author and illustrator of Attack on Titan, which is his first manga series as a professional mangaka. Before being published as a series, Attack on Titan started out as a one-shot story, and it won the Fine Work award in 2006.

After graduating high school, Isayama decided to join the cartoon design program at Kyushu Designer Gakuin. He later moved to Tokyo and began working on his manga. Before starting his first series, Isayama published three one-shot stories: Attack on Titan (2006), Heart Break One (2008), and Orz (2008).

The man initially asked Shueisha to publish Attack on Titan, but he changed his mind when they told him to alter his style and story to be more similar to other manga in Weekly Shōnen Jumps. Isayama then took his work to Kodansha Ltd., who finally accepted it.

Although Attack on Titan is Isayama’s first series, it manages to gain massive popularity worldwide. It has five spin-off manga, three light novels, and several video games. A resort in the author’s hometown even ran a free exhibit about the series back in 2013, featuring copies of Isayama’s manuscripts.

That is everything you need to know about Hajime Isayama, the man who wrote Attack on Titan. If you want to read more articles about the series, you can check out the links below.

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