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Who Is Ramzi From Attack on Titan? Explained

Attack on Titan Ramzi.
Image Credit: MAPPA

Who Is Ramzi From Attack on Titan? Explained

A small boy with a big heart.

Attack on Titan has reached the last arc in its plot, and the ending is almost within sight. Most series usually hold back from introducing new characters so late into the story, yet you can see several unfamiliar ones in the last season of the anime. If you want to know more about Ramzi from Attack on Titan, this guide can help you.

***Warning: This article contains spoilers for Attack on Titan***

Ramzi’s Identity in Attack on Titan

Ramzi is a refugee who lives in Marley and often steals in order to feed his family in Attack on Titan. Readers can first see him when Eren and the group visit a Marleyan harbor, where the boy tries to pickpocket Sasha. Unfortunately, Levi is also experienced at stealing due to growing up in the underground, and he easily catches Ramzi during the act.

This is not the first time Ramzi has been caught pickpocketing, and the people in the area are quite tired and angry with his behavior. The boy is later caught by a group of men who wants to beat Ramzi mercilessly for his crime.

Eren stumbles upon this event, and after some inner conflicts, he saves the boy. He takes Ramzi back to his village, where the Titan wielder breaks down in tears due to guilt and apologizes to the child. Eren knows that he will end up killing Ramzi in the future, and he feels like a hypocrite for acting like a hero and saving the boy when he is just a mass murderer.

A small boy with a big heart.
Image Credit: MAPPA

Sometime after Ramzi’s encounter with Eren, the child loses his right hand because he does not stop being a thief. He and his friend, Halil, are burying his stolen money under the base of a tree when they are interrupted by people fleeing the city. The two children soon hear ominous rumblings and watch countless birds fly away from the area.

Ramzi and Halil return to their camp and attempt to run away from the approaching colossal Titans with their family. Sadly, they can do nothing to escape their fate, and Ramzi and his friend are easily crushed under the Titans’ feet.

That is everything you need to know about Ramzi from Attack on Titan. If you want to read more about the series, Twinfite has other articles below.

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