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Where to Find the Dress in Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest Dress Guide
Image Source: Endnight Games

Where to Find the Dress in Sons of the Forest

Dress to impress.

While Sons of the Forest offers up a wide variety of items to find, from useful tools to deadly weapons, not all of these are strictly function. Some, like the Dress that you can give to Virginia, are fashion. The Forest’s recently released sequel is not always clear about item locations, however, leaving many players wondering where they should go to find the specific thing that they are looking for. If you are wanting to know where to find the Dress in Sons of the Forest, read on below to grab it for your Virginia.

Sons of the Forest Dress Location

Dress Location Sons of the Forest
Image Source: Sons of Forest Wiki

To find the dress, use your GPS and locate it on the map shown above. Before you set off, you also need to make sure that you have both the Maintenance Keycard and the VIP Keycard as you will need them to get to the Dress. The latter will be obtainable as you explore the same cave if you have yet to come across it.

Once you have the two items you need and have located the area marked above, head onward to it. You will come across the Food and Dining Bunker that is within the cave’s entrance. Head into the food storage area, and then follow these steps to reach the Dress itself:

  • Use your Maintenance Keycard on the locked door to the right, leading you into an indoor greenhouse area
  • Fight off the mutants there and keep moving through each open door you see until you enter a submerged area; make sure to grab the Crossbow on your way if you have not already
  • Swim through each open door until you reach a section with two possible ways
    • If you need the VIP Keycard still, head into the open door on the left to grab it quickly
    • If you have the VIP Keycard, continue right
  • Head to the end of the corridor where you can unlock the door and enter a large dining area
  • Go to the couches that are at the right side of the dining hall to find Virginia’s Dress as shown below

Once you have come across it, simply approach it and press “E” on your keyboard to pick it up. You will then be able to give it to Virginia through your inventory when you want her to wear it. Sadly, you can not equip it yourself.

Dress Location Sons of the Forest
Image Source: Twinfinite via Endnight Games

Now that you know where to find the Dress in Sons of the Forest, you can hop back onto your island and go get some drip for Virginia to wear. If you are interested in viewing some similar content, simply have a look below for related articles or head back to Twinfinite’s homepage for more gaming guides and news.

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