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When Does Rent A Girlfriend Season 3 English Dub Come Out? Answered

Rent A Girlfriend Season 3 Release Date
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When Does Rent A Girlfriend Season 3 English Dub Come Out? Answered

Enjoy its Rom-Com garbage in your language of choice.

Picture this: You’ve successfully watched through the first two seasons of Rent A Girlfriend via the English dub, and can’t wait to dive into the third cour of the series. The only problem is, the English dub hasn’t released yet, and you have no idea when the English dub for Rent a Girlfriend Season 3 is coming out. That would be a pretty unfortunate situation, but luckily for you, this guide has the answers that’ll help you avoid being stuck in such a predicament for long.

Rent A Girlfriend Season 3 English Dub Release Date

While the release date for the Rent A Girlfriend Season 3 English dub still hasn’t been officially confirmed, it isn’t too difficult to narrow down a release window given past Dubbing schedules for the show.

The second season of the show aired on July 2, 2022. The English dub for the first episode released two weeks later on July 15, with dubbed episodes releasing at a weekly rate until the new batch of episodes had been completely dubbed. This falls in line with the dubbing schedule used for most simulcasted shows in this day and age, and was even made available a week earlier than most bigger shows normally would be.

Barring any delays due to changed actors or unforeseen issues caused by things like Covid or inclement weather, the English dub for Season 3 would fall into much the same pattern. The only real issue is that a firm release date for Rent A Girlfriend’s third season hasn’t been confirmed at this point. We’ve only got a release window of July, meaning that it’s just as likely to release sometime in the month’s first week as it is in the last week.

We’re still a ways out from this time frame though, and a firm release date is assuredly going to be revealed in the coming months. Likewise, an official date for when the English Dub’s first episode will come out is sure to follow close behind this announcement.

Hopefully this cleared up when the Rent A Girlfriend Season 3 English dub is coming out. For more on the series, check out any of the related articles down below.

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