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When Does Dr. Stone New World Come Out? Answered

When Does Dr. Stone New World Come Out? Answered
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When Does Dr. Stone New World Come Out? Answered

Set sail for the New World!

The latest season of Dr. Stone looks to be one of its most exciting offerings yet. In addition to seeing Senku team up with the eccentric naval adventurer Ryusui, it also presents him with his biggest challenge yet in the form of new adversaries to face down, new lands to explore, and a new scientific conundrum to overcome. You probably already know all this though, and you only want to know one thing: When does Dr. Stone New World come out?

Fortunately, we’ve got exactly what you’re looking for in this guide.

Dr. Stone New World Release Date

Dr. Stone New World is set to release on Apr. 6 both in Japan and on Crunchyroll via simulcasting.

It will pick up directly after Season 2 and the Ryusui special from last year. We’d guess that it will run for at least one season of 12 to 13 episodes, with a second cour likely to follow in either the Summer 2023 anime season or Fall 2023 anime season.

There’s no signs of this changing anytime soon either. Both Toho Animation and Crunchyroll put out release date reveal trailers for the show on Mar. 12, and there have been no announcements regarding a delay or move of its airing date to a new time. About the only thing that could delay the series is an unforeseen issue related to Covid or some other factor that would delay an episode’s production.

It’s the best possible scenario, and fans should definitely be excited for this upcoming arc. In addition to seeing Senku and his friends set off for a new landmass to explore, it also introduces new antagonists for the Kingdom of Science to contend with. They’re just as fierce as Tsukasa and his men, but have the added advantage of wielding the power of the petrification wave which turned the world to stone millennia ago.

For now though, that’s everything you need to know about when Dr. Stone New World is coming out. For more on the series, we’ve got a slew of related articles for you to peruse down below.

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