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What Is the Loom of Fate in Genshin Impact? Answered

Genshin Impact Aether.
Image Credit: HoYoverse

What Is the Loom of Fate in Genshin Impact? Answered

One of the biggest mysteries in Genshin.

The world of Teyvat is filled with numerous mysteries, from the identities of the Descenders to the truth of the False Sky. However, one of the most pressing problems may be the Loom of Fate which has repeatedly come up during Archon Quests. There is limited information about it, but here is everything we know so far about the Loom of Fate in Genshin Impact.

***Genshin Impact Spoilers Below***

Genshin Impact Loom of Fate Lore Explained

The Loom of Fate is mainly mentioned during several main quests related to Dainsleif and the missing sibling in Genshin Impact. It mostly refers to the Loom of Fate operation currently performed by the Abyss Order, but it also has a connection to Caribert, who has somehow turned into one due to the Void Realm’s power. You can continue reading if you want to learn more about it in detail.

The Loom of Fate Operation

The first mention of the Loom of Fate occurs during the Archon Quest Chapter I: Act IV – We Will Be Reunited, where the Traveler, Paimon, and Dainsleif dig up some information regarding the Abyss Order’s schemes. The organization aims to create a mechanical god by utilizing the ancient technology that made the Ruin Guards on Osial, the Overlord of the Vortex. They are calling the plan the Loom of Fate operation.

The Abyss Order wants to attach Osial’s limbs to the Defiled Statue and use the eye of the first Field Tiller as its core. They believe that their mechanical god will have the power to topple Celestia. Of course, the three characters cannot stand by and let this operation continue.

Genshin Impact Inverted Defiled Statue.
Image Credit: HoYoverse via Twinfinite

After some investigation, they find the location of the eye of the first Field Tiller, which has been sitting inside a broken Ruin Guard on the tower in the Stormterror’s Lair. The Traveler is even able to discover the Defiled Statue, which is the corrupted statue of the Anemo Archon hanging upside down, in the Call of the Abyss Domain.

Unfortunately, they do not destroy the object since they are distracted by the sudden appearance of their missing sibling, who turns out to be the leader of the Abyss Order. The sibling soon escapes using a portal, with Dainsleif chasing after them, leaving the Traveler and Paimon behind.

Chlothar, Caribert, and the Loom of Fate

The next big mention of the Loom of Fate occurs during the sixth act of Chapter III. After reuniting with Dainsleif in Sumeru, the three characters are ready to continue investigating the Abyss Order’s operation. The Bough Keeper mentions that he has recovered some missing memories and wants to revisit a place where the Traveler’s sibling mentioned the Loom of Fate many years ago.

The three people go to Avidya Forest, where they discover an abandoned house. There is nothing noteworthy inside the building, but you are soon attacked by a bunch of monsters. After defeating your opponents, Dainsleif plans to check out a Ley Line anomaly and asks the Traveler and Paimon to watch the house.

Genshin Impact Eide.
Image Credit: HoYoverse via Twinfinite

After having a nice meal, the Traveler decides to take a nap but wakes up alone. They try to look for Paimon but meet with a rather aggressive man named Eide, who turns out to be a pure-blooded Khaenri’ah. He is attempting to recover the mind of his adopted son, Caribert, who was turned into a Hilichurl as punishment by the gods. 

The Traveler is able to persuade Eide to let them help him create a cure for his son. Unfortunately, the medicine does not work, but they try again for a second time. During the process, they see a Hilichurl walking away into the forest, causing Eide to believe that it is his son, but he soon discovers it is merely a random monster. 

Genshin Impact Abyss Crystal.
Image Credit: HoYoverse via Twinfinite

The two people watch the Hilichurl enters a hidden Dungeon and decides to investigate. In that ruin, they see a hanging crystal that emanates an insidious aura. The Traveler is immediately reminded of the Defiled Statue and begins hearing a voice inside their head. The voice speaks to Eide, who calls himself a “Sinner” and grants the Abyss’ power to the man.

When the two characters return home, Eide decides to imbue the medicine with the power from the voice instead of the Dendro Archon’s. Caribert is able to recover his mind, which makes the father elated, but also causes him to hate the gods even further.

Eide returns to the ruin with the Traveler chasing after him, but the two can no longer find the crystal in its initial location. They return back to the house and discover that Caribert has run away, but they manage to locate him thanks to the information from the forest rangers.

Genshin Impact Caribert Leaking Abyss Power.
Image Credit: HoYoverse via Twinfinite

Caribert’s condition has deteriorated, and he is now leaking the Void Realm’s power from his body. The Traveler loses consciousness during the explosion of power and later find themselves lying on the bed with Eided waiting for them. The man says that he knows the true identity of the Traveler and that his real name is Chlothar Alberich, who is the founder of the Abyss Order.

The Traveler asks about Caribert, and Chlothar explains that his son has become the Loom of Fate, allowing him to weave his own destiny. It is unclear what exactly happened to Caribert, but there is a high chance it is related to the Void Realm’s power.

Lumine's face within the broken mirror in Genshin Impact.
Image Credit: HoYoverse via Twinfinite

The Traveler finally notices that they are somehow reliving their sibling’s memories and hears Dainsleif’s voice, which wakes them up from their slumber. They share what they learned with the Bough Keeper, who begins to wonder if that was the turning point for the sibling.

So, that’s everything you need to know about the Loom of Fate in Genshin Impact. More information will definitely be revealed in the future, and we’ll be sure to update this article. In the meantime, feel free to check out some of the related content down below.

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